Brazil's president: meat scandal is 'economic embarrassment'

Meanwhile, CEO of Arima Discount Mart (ADM) Balliram Maharaj yesterday admitted that local importers of meats had millions of dollars invested in Brazil. He said, "I want to emphasise that the products subject to recall are processed meat products only, as Trinidad and Tobago has never issued permits to import raw beef or chicken from Brazil".

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FDA warns on lymphoma risk associated with breast implants

FDA warns on lymphoma risk associated with breast implants

But the current data suggests the rare form of cancer occurs more frequently with textured-surface breast implants versus those with smooth surfaces. In most cases, it's treatable, The New York Tim...
Starbucks Canada sets goal to hire 1000 refugees over five years

Starbucks Canada sets goal to hire 1000 refugees over five years

Johnson and Schultz sat down with CNN's Poppy Harlow this week to discuss the U.S. political climate and its impact on global business. But Schultz said no matter what happens in Washington, Star...

One dead, two injured in Germany auto attack

Police said a jihadi motive was unlikely but did not rule out terrorism, Der Spiegel reports . Although his motives are unclear, terrorism is not now suspected and it is believe that he acted alone. Officers tracked him down with help from witnesses and opened fire on the suspect who was "seriously wounded", police said. The suspect fled and was then found by a police patrol.

'Alien: Covenant' Teaser - The Callbacks You May Have Missed

This is actually pretty neat, and it's a nice way to introduce fans to this new ensemble before the film while also not spoiling any footage from the actual movie. The crew of the colony ship Covenant , bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, risky world.

Trump Condemns 'Horrible' Anti-Semitic Threats Targeting Jewish Community

Trump was visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture when he made the comments, referring to the repeated phoned bomb threats to Jewish community centers around the country this year. Trump berated the reporter for asking a "very insulting" question, appearing to believe he was accusing him personally of being anti-Semitic. "Donald Trump should know there have been nearly 64 incidents against Jewish brothers and sisters since his election".
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