Dozens Dead After Fire in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Fire officials said the road closures worsened traffic, slowing down some of the fire trucks rushing to the site. The inferno consumed four neighbouring warehouses which stored body sprays and plastic granules. Such tragedies are common in Bangladesh, where fires, floods, ferry sinkings and other disasters regularly claim dozens of lives or more. Numerous factory workers had left the building for lunch at the time , but witnesses described seeing dozens of trapped workers jumping from ...

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Prince Harry feels "suffocated" while Meghan Markle compains, why?

Prince Harry feels "suffocated" while Meghan Markle compains, why?

While Nonoo herself recently got engaged, maybe she and Meghan shared wedding plans. What are your thoughts on this? About 15 people were invited to the baby shower held at the Grand Penthouse S...
Three MPs quit United Kingdom governing party over Brexit

Three MPs quit United Kingdom governing party over Brexit

No responsible government should knowingly and deliberately inflict the dire consequences of such a destructive exit on individuals, communities and businesses and put at risk the prospect of ending a...

Crowds fearless snow flurries to see United Kingdom royals Meghan and Harry

Sam, who has been away from the streets and drugs for 13 years, described the visit as "amazing", adding: "For the women to know that Harry and Meghan have come here, it says we do matter". Harry, wrapped up warm in a grey coat, also joined his wife to briefly greet crowds before they both headed inside the city's Old Vic theatre. Meghan even had the idea to write messages of love and empowerment on banana peels.

Mario World for mobile, coming summer 2019

However, they can look to Legendary Nintendo games maker Shigeru Miyamoto for some crumbs of comfort. Even more of interest, however, is exactly what Nintendo has planned for Mario Kart Tour . In other words, you can expect more updates for the Nintendo games that are already available on iPhone and Android. Well, details are fairly scarce at the moment, the news release post merely states the partnership in the mobile game business with Nintendo and LINE Corporation co-developing the ...

Ariana Grande fixes misspelled palm tattoo after online mockery

According to a Buzzfeed Japan reporter, what her new tattoo actually means now is " Japanese BBQ finger ". The internet experienced a bit of bad tattoo schadenfreude yesterday when Ariana Grande showed off a new kanji hand tat that was reportedly mistranslated.
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