Countdown begins as Congress races toward a government shutdown

The leader of the hard-right group, Rep. Mark Meadows , R-N.C., said Ryan promised future votes on extra defense spending and on a conservative, restrictive immigration bill, though a source familiar with the discussion said Ryan didn't guarantee an immigration vote.

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Falcon Heavy Tests Grounded by Government Shutdown

Falcon Heavy Tests Grounded by Government Shutdown

Despite being a private company, SpaceX requires government assistance for almost all of their rocket test launches and static fires. The telescope itself is located at the Johnson Space Center in Ho...
Intel tells users to stop deploying buggy Spectre patch, citing technical issues

Intel tells users to stop deploying buggy Spectre patch, citing technical issues

In a blog post published today , the company's executive vice president, Neil Shenoy, warned users of technical issues, urging them to hold off on downloading the fix until it can patch its patch. Mo...

WWE Superstar Rich Swann Arrested for Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

When arrested, Swann told police that she got in the vehicle on her own. The couple reportedly began an argument earlier in the evening which witness's have said escalated to Swann using a headlock and Riggs later jumping out of a slow-moving vehicle .

Hannibal Buress arrested in Miami

Take the handcuffs off of me, I didn't do anything. Soon after, a #FreeHannibalBuress hashtag along with the video started appearing on Twitter. "For what?" Buress yells. "Once outside, the defendant stood by the front gate and continued yelling profanities", the officers report says. Buress is best known for roles in " Broad City ", "Spider-Man: Homecoming", and "Baywatch".

John Oliver, Dustin Hoffman get into heated spat over sex harassment allegations

Needless to say, the Monday night conversation got heated when Oliver pressed Hoffman to answer for the allegations. " It's hanging in the air? ". At one point, when Hoffman had apparently grown visibly uncomfortable he said to Oliver, "you weren't there", to which the Last Week Tonight host replied, "I'm happy I wasn't".
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