Grab some tissues for The Witcher's 10th anniversary video

CD Projekt RED Celebrates The Witcher's 10th Anniversary
Witcher 10th anniversary video catches up with Geralt

06 September, 2017

Personally I think this is such an incredible short video and truly does show that CD Projekt Red really do care about their player base and all the fans of the 10 year long franchise.

The first Witcher game hit shelves in 2007, though was hardly a smash hit. But when players got their hand on The Witcher, many recognized that there was something special about the series that would hopefully continue through CD Projekt RED's games.

While all three games in the trilogy were well-received, it's fair to say that the series has matured well. However, the authors I congratulate you not only Geralt of Rivia, how numerous players themselves - the Studio thanked fans for their support throughout these years. Project RED has mentioned in the past that the potential for a fourth Witcher game is definitely there, and with the success of the most recent game, it seems even more likely.

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It's not been too long since we said goodbye to Geralt and The Witcher series with Blood and Wine, but it still hurts. Both women are possible love interests for Geralt during the series, which suggests this round-up should just be a who's who of Geralt's exes. From Triss and Yennefer chatting to Zoltan playing Gwent with Dandelion, everyone is present and having a whale of a time. It's a veritable who's who of The Witcher 3. CD Projekt Red sure do know how to keep them sweet.

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