Super Blue Blood Moon: Here's how you can catch a glimpse!

A lunar eclipse
A lunar eclipse

25 January, 2018

Because it is the second full moon of the month, it's called a "blue moon".

For those on Eastern or Central time who won't be able to catch the entirety of the eclipse, Johnston recommends specific times to catch parts of the Earth's shadow casting over the moon. "The shroud starts at 5:51 a.m. E [S] T, as the moon is going to set in the western sky, and the sky is getting lighter in the east". During an event that hasn't happened since the 1800s, a lunar eclipse, a supermoon and a blue moon will all grace the night skies at the same time.

"The lunar eclipse on January 31 will be visible during moonset", Noah Petro, a research scientist from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, said on the. People in Hawaii, Alaska and on the West Coast will have the best chance to view the eclipse in its entirety, weather permitting. As of now, the moon will go through the lighter piece of Earth's external shadow, or the penumbra. Thus the "super blue moon".

The best time to see a supermoon is shortly after sunset, when something called the "moon illusion" will make it appear even bigger.

Blue moons occur about once every 2.7 years, according to, so they aren't almost as rare as one might think.

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"Sadly, obscure survey will be all the more hard in the Eastern Time zone", Johnston said in the announcement. At the peak of daytime on the moon, it is about 100 degrees Celsius, hot enough to boil water just by leaving it out. This appearance of the moon during the total lunar eclipse is referred to as the red moon or blood moon.

Resident should set their alarms to 5:52 a.m., MST, on January 31 if they want view a total lunar eclipse. This is how National Geographic explains it: "Earth's dark shadow will slowly creep over the bright lunar disk as the planet moves between the sun and the moon". This shadow covers the entire moon and causes a total lunar eclipse. But the viewing of the lunar eclipse will be especially cool because the full moon will also be a supermoon. The moon will appear to be a red color around 6:15 a.m. CT, and the view will remain until 7 a.m. CT when the sun rises, according to NASA.

So, during a total lunar eclipse, the sun, the earth and the moon form a straight line.

You can check when the lunar eclipse begins for your city here.

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