UFC 222 Betting Preview: Cyborg vs. Kunitskaya Odds, Trends, Card Analysis

Fans at UFC 220 at the Boston TD Garden on Saturday
Credit Joseph Prezioso Fans at UFC 220 at the Boston TD Garden on Saturday

04 March, 2018

Cyborg, Kunitskaya, Edgar, Ortega, and any standout fighters may attend the presser.

It might seem as a non-factor, despite its position as the night's main event, but Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino can not afford to overlook the challenge her opponent Yana Kunitskaya will present to her when the octagon doors close. Perhaps if this was the "Cyborg" of years past, darting into the pocket with wild, hooking combos and haphazardly lunging at her foes on the floor, the "Foxy" Russian would have a better chance to make history. Cyborg will defend her women's featherweight title against Kunitskaya during UFC 222 at T-Mobile Arena Saturday. She's a professional. She's more professional than I was when I was there.

On being offered the fight: "At first we said, "No, I'm on vacation". Subscribe to my podcast In This Corner with Brian Campbell where we break down everything you need to know in the Octagon. I'm just cruising. I don't know, I guess I don't know what to say.

About two months ago, Justino dispatched one of her greatest threats in years - former bantamweight champion Holly Holm, at UFC 219 in Las Vegas.

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A masked invader broke into the UFC 222 open workouts and attacked the featherweight champ, Cris Cyborg the other day!

"The UFC contacted my manager because one of the fighters had an injury and could not fight and they called me and asked if I'd like to fight". "But then the next thing I did was check my weight".

"I feel great and I'm taking this fight for the team". She trains at a good gym in MMA Lab where every fight she has improves her striking skills. "I think Cyborg Nation is really happy, too and they're going to be here in Las Vegas, I think it's a big opportunity". Zingano is one of the few women to have defeated current UFC Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes and she desperately wants to get another shot at Nunes. The UFC women's featherweight champion was not expected to fight at UFC 222 as the scheduled Main Event was a title fight between UFC featherweight champion Max "Blessed" Holloway and New Jersey's own Frankie Edgar. Instead of waiting for the champion to return, Edgar goes back into the deep end against a red-hot, hungry fighter.

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