House Dems Ask FBI To Investigate Potential Trump Links To Russian Hackers

Unfortunately, shows like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert had to cover a concerning recent event impacting USA voters. Along with Arizona, hackers breached voter registration databases in IL. They're now looking for evidence of other states being targeted, but for the moment, they're warning election officials across the country to increase security before the November election.

Hanjin Ships Stranded at Major Ports

Hanjin's ships and containers are familiar sights in Hampton Roads. "Some freight forwarders had reportedly in recent weeks already stopped booking slots on Hanjin vessels as a matter of company policy", it said. Smaller companies that "had all their eggs in one basket with Hanjin - they may go under". He said shipping costs could increase because there will be less competition in the market.

Cincinnati sees estimated 78 heroin overdoses in 2 days

There were 26 overdoses in Huntington in less than six hours. "When you see those, it's a specific batch that hits the region", he said. "That make it more risky being 100 percent fentanyl ", he said. You're not permitted to kick in someone's door just because they've had a large amount of traffic day in and day out. "In order to remain proactive, you have to be properly staffed", he said.

Maine governor wants to meet with lawmaker to make amends

Anyone curious about how scary a Donald Trump administration would be need look no further than Maine's crazed Gov. Paul LePage, one of the Republican guv's rivals said Monday. It's totally my fault", LePage said. "When I was called a racist I just lost it, and there's no excuse". "I still believe that way", said LePage.

Trump to Address New, "Softened" Illegal Immigration Plan this Week

The candidate's shifting stance hasn't made it easy for top supporters and advisers, from his running mate on down, to defend him or explain some campaign positions. In interviews last week, he said he was open to a "softening" of his policy when it came to undocumented immigrants already in the country. Facing headwinds among moderate voters who view his past rhetoric as racist, but trying to assuage his core conservative base, Trump has attempted something of an image makeover during the ...

The Princeton Review recommends Misericordia University

The survey has 80 questions regarding the college's academics, student body and life on campus. OU was named second in 2005 and again in 2010. Wheaton College ranked No. The UI ranked second past year and in 2014 and was No. 1 in 2013. The Princeton Review's annual rankings, released Monday, placed the university No.

Two Killed, 41 Injured in Crash Involving Unlicensed Bus Driver

A second person in a Toyota Camry that was also hit has also died in the crash. And according to State police the bus driver did not have a commercial license and was not authorized to drive a bus. All the riders aboard the bus were injured from the crash, Melissa Matey, a spokeswoman for the Louisiana State Police said. The two other firefighters were injured and have not been identified.

Tropical depression headed to North Carolina

Hurricane-force winds extended outward up to 15 miles (30 kilometers) from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 140 miles (220 kilometers). The Hurricane Center said the storm has just a 10 percent chance of forming into a tropical storm. A NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft is on standby to investigate the disturbances near Florida and North Carolina Sunday afternoon if the need arises.

Libertarian Gary Johnson will be on OH ballot for president

The Libertarian Party right now doesn't have official recognition as a minor party on OH ballots because it didn't field a candidate for governor in 2014. Duncan submitted 9,637 valid signatures while Libertarians gathered 7,619 valid signatures to set up the Johnson-for-Earl swap. The Libertarian could complicate a close presidential race in OH if voters with unfavorable opinions of Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton seek another choice.

U.S. warns European Union ahead of Apple tax evasion ruling

He also claimed the Commission's approach undermines worldwide transfer pricing guidelines "already accepted broadly in the global tax community, and undermines the work done as part of the BEPS project". Last year, the European Commission ordered the Netherlands to recoup €30 million of unpaid taxes from Starbucks . "These investigations have major implications for the US".

GOP VP nominee Mike Pence to make campaign stop in Cedar Rapids

Those interested in attending the rally can register for tickets online. A Franklin & Marshall College Poll, released August 4, has Clinton ahead by 11 points among likely voters, 49 percent to 38 percent. Michele May, a native of Slatington who lives in Levittown, Bucks County said initially that she disagreed with the idea. He says Democrats have failed African-Americans, so why the hell not vote for him? Trump's position on immigration remains a bit unclear.

Pence: Trump 'speaks right from his heart'

When Trump speaks of the African-Americans who want law and order and a sense of safety and stability to return to their neighborhoods, he's not talking through his hat. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the poverty rate among African-Americans is 27.4 percent, with income inequality being the "greatest cause of higher poverty rates".

Gawker to shut down next week

Thiel went on to secretly finance a lawsuit brought byTerry Bollea, more commonly known as the wrestler Hulk Hogan, against the company after Gawker posted a sex tape of Bollea and the then-wife of one of his close friends. Univision made a deal to buy the company for $135 million earlier this week but there wasn't much interest in Gawker itself. The post was widely criticized for invading the executive's privacy, and Gawker took it down, with founder Nick Denton publishing a ...

Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper gets 18 years in federal prison

Judge Jane Triche Milazzo sentenced the athlete in a New Orleans court after he pleaded guilty or no-contest to the charges relating to crimes in Louisiana, Arizona, California and Nevada. She said he will be on three years' supervised release after he gets out of prison, including "sex treatment conditions" and registration as a sex offender.

Milwaukee shooting: National Guard activated after riot over suspect's death

Barrett said the man was hit twice, in the chest and arm. Blocks away from those businesses, a supermarket was said to be on fire at around 1 a.m. But he said the uniformed troops, who were activated by the state's governor, would not be deployed unless the city's police chief, Edward Flynn, decided they were needed.

Another Brock Turner? Colorado student's sex assault sentencing draws outrage

A jury in May convicted Austin James Wilkerson, 22, of what prosecutors said was the isolation and rape of a " half-conscious victim" he had promised to take care of at a St. But in this case, Wilkinson suspects it probably boils down to human error--the all-too-common tendency to blame the victim, or to assume that a effect of getting drunk is sometimes getting raped.

Muslim woman mistaken for terrorist sues Chicago officers

A Muslim woman is suing the city of Chicago and six Chicago police officers for tackling her on the stairs of a subway station, stripping her of her headscarf and violating her civil rights on the Fourth of July previous year. The Council on American-Islamic Relations says "blatant xenophobia, Islamophobia and racial profiling" motivated the arrest. Itemid Al-Matar is suing Chicago police who falsely sing.

Double whammy for Ola, Uber as Centre and Delhi make laws tough

The city taxi scheme, which had been announced past year, was not accepted by taxi aggregators as it described them as transport providers and not an application-based service provider, said government officials. "If there's a law for autos and taxis, Ola and Uber can not be above it". "They (aggregators) won't be able to impose surge pricing". The companies will also have to install Global Positioning System (GPS) in taxis being operated under their banner in view of safety of passengers, ...

Democratic Senate Candidate Says Scalia's Death 'Happened at a Good Time'

In audio of an appearance Monday before the AFL-CIO in Cleveland, he is heard saying he didn't "wish anyone ill" but Scalia's death "happened at a good time" for union workers. "At this stage of the campaign, Republican U.S. Senate candidates may be running against their own presidential nominee, Donald Trump, as much as they are against their Democratic opponents", said Peter A.

Family of Muslim teen arrested over clock files lawsuit

He filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Irving, Irving Independent School District and Daniel Cummings, the principal of MacArthur High School . Ahmed did serve three days' suspension because of the incident. "I just want to invent", he told the paper. The shocking arrest has sparked outrage, with everyone from US President Barack Obama to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg throwing their support behind him.