Trump Meets With Christian Conservatives in NY

Trump Meets With Christian Conservatives in NY
Trump Meets With Christian Conservatives in NY

22 June, 2016

Donald Trump announced the formation of an executive board on Tuesday to provide advice and support to the presumptive GOP nominee on issues affecting Evangelicals.

The billionaire real estate mogul met with almost 1,000 evangelical leaders in New York City in a much anticipated "conversation" that was convened by former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson and the nonpartisan My Faith Votes organization.

Former Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd said in an op-ed piece on Fox News that he plans to attend the event even though Russell Moore, president of Southern Baptists' Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, has expressed strong dislike for Trump.

"Although there is still more to learn about where Mr. Trump stands on some of the top religious freedom cases in America, like the Little Sisters of the Poor and military chaplains, I think today was a good start and I look forward to continuing the conversation", said Shackelford.

Bishop E.W. Jackson tweeted video of Trump at the meeting telling the faith leaders they should "pray to get everybody out to vote for one specific person". "It was fantastic spirit, religion is under fire in this country".

Trump, who called himself a "tremendous believer", assured religious leaders "I'm so on your side".

"The evangelical vote was gotten mostly by me", Trump told the group in reference to the Republican race. "This is - how did Trump do that?' And then I won elsewhere and, you know, I won the whole South".

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The website Politico reports that Bachmann's name was on a list of a 25-person advisory board released Tuesday by Trump's campaign.

Former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann is on Donald Trump's list of evangelical advisers. I was in the room, I wasn't 15 feet from the man when he was talking about those issues. Gonidakis is an OH delegate to the Republican convention, backing Gov. John Kasich's bid. Donald Trump acknowledged that we're supposed to pray for everybody.

It is these luminaries the meeting in NY is meant to convince that Trump could be their man. "He did a great job". I don't disagree with that and I never interpreted anything he said as don't pray for everybody, just pray for me.

"He exceeded my expectations ten-fold", Gonidakis said.

"He also spoke about the threats to religious liberty and how the federal government continues to threaten the freedom of speech of Christians to speak out in the public square".

He added that Trump "guaranteed" that he would "only nominate" judges who are abortion rights opponents.

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