Macron thanks United States at Bastille Day celebrations in Paris

Who Is Brigitte Macron? France’s First Lady and President Have Reverse Age Gap of Donald Melania TrumpMore
Who Is Brigitte Macron? France’s First Lady and President Have Reverse Age Gap of Donald Melania TrumpMore

15 July, 2017

Trump, meanwhile, has appeared more than pleased at his reception here.

Speaking alongside Mr Macron, Mr Trump then hinted that the USA could shift its position but failed to elaborate.

A live video posted to the French president's official Facebook account inadvertently captured Trump complimenting Brigitte Macron's body upfront. And if it happens, that will be wonderful.

The US president withdrew from the 2015 Paris climate agreement last month, citing moves to negotiate a new "fair" deal that would not disadvantage US businesses.

One of the handshakes at the May Summit showed Trump pulling Macron's arm and the other showed the two staring each other down for an extended period of time.

The two men enjoyed a "dinner between friends" on Thursday at a Michelin-starred restaurant on the Eiffel Tower. However, Macron added that he will try to persuade Trump on this matter during their meeting.

"You know, you're in such good shape", he said, before repeating the observation to her husband.

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Trump visited Paris for the celebration of Bastille Day and the centennial of American's entry into the First World War.

"You're in such good shape", the the president said to Mrs. Macron.

He also said he might invite Russian leader Vladimir Putin to the White House, but he added: "I don't think this is the right time".

Macron, who used a translator at points during the conference, said France and Russian Federation "have a lot of discrepancies" but that it's a necessity to work together to share information "and to try to build solutions".

He added: "I have a feeling that you're going to have a very, very peaceful and handsome Paris. and I'm coming back". And I'm coming back.

The Trumps and Macrons visited Les Invalides, the site of Napoleon's tomb and a military museum on Thursday before both leaders conducted a joint conference on climate change, Syria, Russia and the long-standing Franco-American relationship.

Handshake aficionado and President of the United States Donald Trump on Friday sustained his art of the grip for a duration never before seen on the worldwide stage.

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