Lady Bird Earns Highest Rotten Tomatoes Score Since Toy Story 2

Actor Saoirse Ronan attends IFP's 27th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards
Lady Bird Just Got The Best Rotten Tomatoes Score In History — But These Fan Favorite Movies Are Rated

30 November, 2017

"Lady Bird" became the site's best-reviewed film after it garnered 164 positive reviews, edging out 1999's "Toy Story 2". In other words, it is still possible that a rogue reviewer could tarnish Lady Bird's flawless score, though the huge number of positive reviews the film has already compiled would still easily make it one of 2017's best-reviewed movies.

We don't know how to put this, but Lady Bird is kind of a big deal.

"Toy Story 2" is no longer the reigning champion at the review aggregator, ceding its title as the site's best reviewed movie of all time to this year's indie coming of age drama "Lady Bird".

The list of movies that have achieved a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes is a vast one, ranging from Citizen Kane to the animated Batman vs. Robin. The more positive "fresh" reviews from critics, the higher a film's Rotten Tomato rating will be.

Saoirse Ronan in Lady Bird
Saoirse Ronan in Lady Bird

In the case of Gerwig's Lady Bird, it was given a wide release and thus had to adhere to that higher standard, which it leapt over with grace.

Even Armond White, the known contrarian who destroyed Toy Story 3′s flawless score couldn't help but applaud Lady Bird, admitting that "the film's conflicts are surprisingly touching". The movie now boasts a rare 100% score with 173 reviews and counting on an average rating of 8.9/10. The controversy over the delayed Justice League score was a huge sign of that influence - as well as the blockbuster's disappointing reception at the box office following the tepid critical reactions and Tomatometer score.

“This is completely incredible and so incredibly appreciated by the entire team that made Lady Bird, ” she tells Rotten Tomatoes.

So what is Lady Bird? It's well worth the hype.

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