The Last Supermoon Of The Year Will Rise Sunday Evening

Moon Phases for Chiang Rai Nov 27 2017 – Dec 18 2017
Moon Phases for Chiang Rai Nov 27 2017 – Dec 18 2017

30 November, 2017

That's because of the "moon illusion", the cognitive phenomenon that makes the moon appear bigger to us when it's closer to the horizon than when it's further up in the sky.

The term was coined by an astronomer in 1979, and we've been hearing about it ever since. The supermoon gets its name from the fact that the lunar orbit will be very close to Earth when the full moon takes place.

Sunday's supermoon is the first and last one visible to the naked eye in 2017. You also have the option of seeing the moon live online via Europe's virtual telescope project.

The moon's orbit around the Earth is not a flawless circle, meaning the distance between the two bodies grows and shrinks as the lunar planet plods eternal laps around us. The precise moment of formation of the full moon/supermoon is 10:46 am Eastern Times (ET) on December 3, 2017; (9:46 a.m. CT, 8:46 a.m. MT, and 6:46 a.m. PT), as per reports.

The December full moon, even when its not a supermoon, is known as the cold moon.

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In the perimeter the Moon will be 357,492 kilometers away from the Earth, while at the time of the full moon a little more (357,987 km).

Full moons normally occur when the Earth is directly in line between the moon and the sun. Not only will the supermoon be about 7-percent larger, visually speaking, it'll also be about 16-percent brighter. The moon should sit near the constellation Taurus, though it shouldn't be hard to spot.

January 2018 will have two full moons on January 2 and 31, both of which are considered super-moons, because the moon will again be near his cellar. The big exception is spotting the moon just after sunset as the moon is beginning to rise in the sky.

Supermoons do not cause extreme flooding, earthquakes or other natural disasters, NASA says.

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