Facebook has opened its augmented reality platform to the public

Facebook Messenger AR
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14 December, 2017

And here is Facebook making it's progress clearly and giving Snapchat a tough time by inheriting it features one by one. It is been copied from the Snapchat's AR-based objects and turned out in the form of the tool, World Effects on Facebook Messenger. For users, that means that they can add AR overlays on top of their pictures as they take them, but for developers it also means that they are now able to freely design then deploy to Facebook their own customized and stylized AR picture overlays. These effects will enable you to drop 3D objects into your surroundings to capture and share fun moments with your family and friends. So you can put hearts, arrows and word bubbles on anyone and anything, whether they like it or not. To add a World Effect, open the Messenger Camera (from your inbox or from inside an existing conversation by tapping the camera icon), and then scroll to choose from the camera effects.

Facebook also mentions that while merely a few World Effects are available right now, this list is to grow in the coming months with other filters and whatnot.

The basic idea is that you can drop 3D objects into your photos to make them appear as though they're there in real life, such as a heart over someone's head. Pick any effect of your choice and then tap to add it to your image, then send to your loved ones.

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"Since launching in closed beta at F8, we've seen a strong reponse from the 2,000+ creators using AR Studio - building fun, animated frames, masks, and interactive AR experiences", said Ficus Kirkpatrick, engineering director at Facebook.

The effects are not now available for all the Messenger users yet - we guess they will arrive after a server-side change since even flashing the very latest beta of the app did not allow us to try them out personally.

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