This Could Be Vivo's In Display Fingerprint Sensor Equipped Smartphone

Vivo will bake fingerprint sensors right into its phone displays
Vivo's 2018 Smartphone Will Feature Clear ID In-Display Fingerprint Reader by Synaptics

18 December, 2017

Earlier in the year, Qualcomm revealed to Digital Trends that it expected in-screen fingerprint sensors to launch in consumer products beginning in summer 2018. Now, we know the name of the first phone manufacturer that plans to include the tech in a smartphone: Vivo. OnePlus, which is also run by the same owner, is said to have customised Oppo's technology and brought Dash Charge that is touted to be faster than what on the LG V30, iPhone X, and Google Pixel 2.

Vivo has been experimenting with phones with in-screen fingerprint sensors for some time now.

Moorhead further stated that in-display fingerprint sensors on smartphones weren't available so far due to manufacturing issues. The lack of a front fingerprint sensor is due to the full-screen design the device packs.

The Synaptics Clear ID fingerprint scanner will be able to work on any smartphone with OLED displays and it will only activate when it's needed.

As to the technology behind the in-display fingerprint scanner itself, carrying the model name Clear ID FS9500, it is created to work with phones with an 18:9 and 20:9 orientation.

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"The Clear ID experience was fast and simple", McDonald said in an opinion piece.

Initially, it was thought that Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 would be the first in the world to use a fingerprint scanner under the display screen, but this did not happen. That accolade goes to Vivo as has been confirmed by Patrick Moorhead over at Forbes who got to play with a pre-production unit from Vivo fitted with the Synaptics Clear ID sensor. However, Moorhead seemed to have cleared the air confirming it is going to be vivo smartphone instead. "Synaptics' Clear ID fingerprint sensors are faster, more convenient, and more secure than alternative biometrics, and this optical technology represents a major innovation shift and opportunity for the smartphone market".

Apple reportedly tried to put the feature into its $999/£999 iPhone X but didn't have the tech ready in time.

It was crowned as the 5th most popular smartphone manufacturer in Q1 of 2017, so it wouldn't be a surprise that Synaptics has partnered with Vivo for their inscreen fingerprint scanner. It is Vivo which was hailed at 5th position by the IDC report.

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