N Korea denies role in WannaCry ransomware attack

N Korea denies role in WannaCry ransomware attack
N Korea denies role in WannaCry ransomware attack

22 December, 2017

North Korea on Thursday denied U.S. accusations it was behind the WannaCry global ransomware cyberattack earlier this year and vowed to retaliate.

Earlier this year, hundreds of thousands of computers around the world came under the grip of the WannaCry as the malware disabled workstations in homes as well as key facilities like hospitals and banks.

The US State Administration is urging the private sector to do more to prevent such incidents, Bossert said, adding that and others have Microsoft taken action last week to halt North Korea's hacking efforts.

THE US is stepping up plans to thwart North Korea's nuke plans with a "bloody nose" strike, it is claimed.

"As we have clearly stated, we have nothing to do with the cyberattack and we do not feel a need to respond, on a case-by-case basis, such as absurd allegations of the US", North Korea's spokesman said.

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Not only have the United States and its allies increased missile defense deployments to the region, it's also deployed F-35 stealth fighters that have some capability to shoot down missile launches.

It also distanced North Korea from the attack and called it a "grave political provocation". Foreign Office Minister Lord Ahmad said in a statement that, "The UK's National Cyber Security Centre assesses it is highly likely that North Korean actors known as the Lazarus Group were behind the WannaCry ransomware campaign - one of the most significant to hit the UK in terms of scale and disruption".

These include destroying a launch site before it can be used for a new missile test. The North was also suspected of involvement in a cyberattack on Sony's USA subsidiary 3 years ago.

North Korean hackers have also been accused of a cyberattack on South Korean bitcoin exchange Youbit, which filed for bankruptcy this week as a result of the attack. After US economic sanctions were announced in April, the company detected spear-phishing attacks on three separate South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges between May and July.

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