Nissan Xmotion Concept - one for KOI CARP lovers

Nissan's new Xmotion Concept looks to the future
Nissan Xmotion Concept “Signals Design Direction for 2020 and Beyond”

17 January, 2018

Inside, Nissan says it has used traditional construction techniques and materials with a modern design aesthetic, evidenced by the wooden centre console extending through to the rear of the vehicle and using the traditional wood joinery technique of kanawa-tsugi.

While 21-inch wheels, suicide doors, and a retractable roof box may be production impracticalities, they give the Xmotion the spunk it needs to really pop.

The concept also signals the future of Nissan's auto design, so expect to see more vehicles coming off the production line with a similar exterior presence to that of the Xmotion - with its unique U-shaped highlights and signature V-motion grille.

Think of Nissan's new Xmotion Concept as a four-wheeled crystal ball - one that can look into the past, as well as the future. This is, by and large, a styling and thematic exercise: Japanese culture and craftsmanship, American utility. "It draws inspiration from the Japanese aesthetics and techniques that have been passed down through generation after generation", while blending in some very modern technologies like gesture controls and autonomous driving.

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The interior itself was created with the imagery of a river on the floor, with the center console acting as a bridge. At the rear, it's Japanese woodwork and puzzles - or kumiko - which have inspired the taillamps, which are in fact holograms to give their illusion of physical structure.

Inside, the Xmotion houses a unique "4+2" layout, with three rows of two individual seats each, offering seating for six people.

. By paying attention to the way the wood was structured - down to the direction of its grain - it was meant to appear as if the console was cut from a single piece of cedar. The sharp angles continue along the side of the Xmotion and around the back. Meant to act as a virtual assistant similar to Siri, the digital Japanese koi fish inside the Xmotion concept swims across the panoramic screen encompassing the entire dashboard. The cabin is futuristic to say the least using space-age materials while also retaining the old-school wood work. Starting the vehicle is done via fingerprint authentication and as many past concept cars have done, the outside mirrors are eliminated in favour of a camera monitoring system. Here, Nissan designers had to spend a lot of time using old-fashioned clay models to get the look just right.

The screens can be controlled by gestures and eye movement - although there's voice control too - and you "log-in" to the vehicle with your fingerprint, at which point your "Personal Assistant" pops up in the guise of a Koi Carp. The auto is packed with sensors for hand gestures and eye movements that work with the infotainment system, climate control, and the door-to-door digital dashboard.

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