Defence secretary Gavin Williamson's fears worthy of Monty Python, says Moscow

President Putin’s government said it is willing to take action “that any other nation would see as unacceptable”
President Putin’s government said it is willing to take action “that any other nation would see as unacceptable”ALEXEI NIKOLSKY AP

29 January, 2018

"Gavin Williamson in his fiery crusade for military budget money appears to have lost his grasp on reason", Russian news agency Tass reported Maj Gen Konashenkov as saying.

Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defence Ministry, described Mr Williamson's comments as being like something out of a sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus.

He took a swipe at Williamson's remark by noting that all information concerning the location of British power plants or pipelines was "as secret as the location of Westminster Abbey or the Big Ben".

Moscow has hit back at Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson over his warning that Russian Federation could cause "thousands and thousands and thousands" of deaths in an attack on Britain's energy supply.

He went on: "They are going to be thinking, 'how can we just cause so much pain to Britain?'"

The Kremlin is actively looking at Britain's key gas and electricity supplies, Williamson added.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph that Russian Federation has been researching British infrastructure with a view to disrupting it and creating "panic" and "chaos". It is believed up to eight million homes will be reliant on the worldwide connections in the next few years.

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Mr Williamson is aiming to complete a review of military strength - called the Defence Modernisation Programme - by the summer.

"If we lost our interconnectors, which would be something that we know that they are looking at, there would be three million homes without electricity".

In an interview with newspaper The Daily Telegraph, Williamson said Moscow was spying on energy supplies which, if cut, could cause "total chaos" in the country.

He said it was "the real threat... the country is facing at the moment".

"Damage its economy, rip its infrastructure apart, actually cause thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths, but actually have an element of creating total chaos within the country".

His claim comes as the UK's Ministry of Defence is trying to ward off spending cuts.

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