President Trump Calls for a Compromise As Conservatives Fight With Immigration

Mark Wilson  Getty Images
Mark Wilson Getty Images

05 February, 2018

Trump's speech at a Republican retreat set the tone for the strategy going into negotiations over the fate of the so-called DREAMers, undocumented immigrants who grew up in the United States of America but could face deportation beginning March 5 if Congress doesn't give them legal status.

Democrats have pressed since previous year for separate legislation to deal with the fate of 690,000 "Dreamer" immigrants who are registered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, established by president Barack Obama in 2012 to protect their presence in the country.

Democrats were like that, too, on the tax reform plan. And the government could shut down again after current funding ends February 8 if Congress doesn't meet Democrats' demand to protect the young immigrants alongside a new budget deal. Yet only one breakout session addressed immigration, and there was no policy path presented by GOP leaders.

- John Cornyn: The No. 2 Senate Republican, from Texas, has the voting record of an immigration hard-liner and the demeanor of a sympathetic dealmaker. The message for the midterms is expected to be the economy and tax cuts.

"I think the Senate would be well advised to focus on the Senate's work and the House would be well advised to focus on the House's work", Goodlatte said. "Lot of interest in getting to a solution".

That said, enthusiasm won't necessarily flip seats; there's little difference in "more important" ratings between those who live in Democratic districts vs. He's ruled out a simple measure to legalize the immigrants. He wrote the original Dream Act of 2001 and has made protecting the young immigrants a career-defining cause. Consider how hard the party has been fighting for Barack Obama's unconstitutional plan for temporarily legalizing some 700,000 children of illegal immigrants.

"So there's going to be a Russian Federation probe, even without a dossier", said Gowdy. "There is not even an agreement on a starting point".

Trump's critics said they believe Trump may use the Nunes memo a pretext to dismiss Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein - who appointed Mueller as special counsel -- and ultimately Mueller himself. James Lankford, said, acknowledging the splits within the party about immigration strategy. Trump said his offer to expand the program to 1.8 million people was "very generous" and he predicted that Democrats would face backlash in the November elections if they choose to reject it.

Page came to the FBI's attention as early as 2013, when he met in NY with Russians who were officers of the Kremlin's foreign intelligence service, sources have said.

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Trump announced in September that he would end that system in six months, a promise that will ripen on March 5 - creating a deadline that the White House is using as leverage to get its other priorities passed into law.

Among the beneficiaries would be the DACA population, along with their siblings and parents.

"It looks so much like this earlier effort we know was run by the White House..."

Conservatives in the House, meanwhile, blasted Thune's position. That in turn would help determine whether Speaker Paul Ryan moves forward with it.

'The bill also maintains the visa lottery as another backdoor amnesty, ' said Gidley. He ended his address just as he began. But the most fascinating was Pelosi, the one person who became the center of attention of the audience because she sat, as if fixated, and showed vast displeasure at the president's speech. She'll have her finger on the pulse of the party base. "My husband said she's mental!" "I want a secure border". Between 2005 and 2015, the United States admitted 9.3 million immigrants based on family relations, it said.

But several Republican lawmakers who spoke about the controversy on Sunday disagreed with the president, including Trey Gowdy, a member of the House Intelligence Committee and one of the authors of the Republican memo. That includes nine committee chairmen.

He cosponsored the Graham-Durbin bill.

Despite being near the center of the debate, Gardner plays down his role. And when, for instance, you were watching a creative, civic-minded, smiley-faced 12-year-old boy who had figured out a way to get thousands of flags placed at the graves of veterans in his hometown, you felt good.

Cornyn expressed some frustration with the negotiations on Monday, tweeting: "On #DACA, both parties seem to want the quid without the quo".

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