Amazon Prime Exclusive phones remove lockscreen ads

Amazon Prime Exclusive phones remove lockscreen ads
Amazon Prime Exclusive phones remove lockscreen ads

07 February, 2018

And while the devices will still be discounted from their list price, Amazon has said that it will increase the prices of all current phones in the Prime Exclusive portfolio by $20. The move is more likely related to Google's recent ban on lock-screen ads from non-lock-screen apps, though. Currently, you have to press a fingerprint sensor twice on these phones to unlock.

Amazon offers exciting discounts on a variety of phones via its Prime Exclusive program in exchange for lock screen ads, but that's changing.

Consumers looking for a deal on a smartphone have been able to save anywhere from $25 to $100 off the retail price by buying them from Amazon, as long as they didn't mind being forced to watch lock screen ads. Here's the full statement.

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With ads no longer taking over the lock screen, Prime Exclusive users will be able to set customized wallpapers as well. Now that many phones have face recognition and fingerprint readers, Amazon wants to be sure those features work well. There will still be ads in the Amazon Widget app, and the phone will still collect information about "your use of your device, including your device's system and stability, applications and services on the device, and your device's interaction with software, applications, and services on the device".

Amazon will remove ads from the lock screens of phones from Amazon's Exclusive Phones program on Wednesday. The company also touts the ability to personalize your screen as a motivating factor, although many would have argued that has been important from the outset.

Apparently, the bloatware will remain but can be uninstalled or hidden if you don't use it. Additionally, if you happen to own a Prime Exclusive Phone, you'll get an update that will remove those same ads.

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