Trump administration proposing to replace food stamps with food boxes

USDA Eyeing Changes To Federal Food Benefit Program That Would Give States More Control | Harvest Public Media
"F**king moron': Twitter drags Trump's 'cruel' plan to swap food stamps for 'Blue Apron'-type boxes

14 February, 2018

It's sure to be a sure money saver for the government as the box of food would be valued at about half the price of monthly food stamp benefits.

The remainder of their benefits will be available on their debit card. About two-thirds of recipients are children, seniors and people with disabilities.

According to the USDA, the amount of food received would be scaled to the overall household's SNAP allotment and ultimately represent about half of their SNAP benefits. Mulvaney's proposal would replace that with "America's Harvest Box", a mailed package of "100 percent US grown and produced food", with an emphasis on preserved items such as shelf-stable milk, peanut butter, canned meats and fruit and cereal, Politico reports.

The proposal is included in the Trump administration budget request for 2019 and would require approval from Congress.

There is also worry the proposals may arise in discussions about food assistance eligibility and benefits in Farm Bill talks.

Fox News' reliance on an old stereotype blew up in their faces as they ended up telling veterans, children, disabled persons, and senior citizens to get a job and buy their own food.

Nevertheless, Akright said he worries that cuts to food stamps will negate the food bank's expansion. The packages would not contain fresh fruits or vegetables, NPR said. In 2017, the USDA noted that the rate of trafficked SNAP benefits is just 1.3%.

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Registered dietitian Alaina Ward said there are positive aspects to the proposed changes.

The Harvest Box would go the households who receive at least $90 a month in SNAP.

Fifteen percent of OH families are considered food insecure and receive SNAP benefits. But could hurt the local economy. "Restructuring SNAP in the way proposed by the president would have a ripple effect throughout communities". Omilami asked. "And how do you address issues of people that need food but don't have a residence?" Some believe replacing it with stamp, delivered boxes would not only change the way people eat. But consumer watchdogs question whether such a program would actually save money and have further doubts about the government picking out food for millions of Americans. "The capacity to make this work simply doesn't exist".

"How are those cities going to deliver food to rural America?" "There is no reason to move away from the way SNAP now works, which allows families to shop at their local grocery store and make their own food choices".

The news release notes that the USDA already purchases food for nutrition assistance programs including the National School Lunch Program.

Frank said the government should be giving more not less to programs feeling the hungry.

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