Lamar Jackson shuts down haters who think he can't play quarterback

NFL Draft 2018 One team reportedly has Lamar Jackson as their No. 2-ranked QB
NFL Draft 2018 One team reportedly has Lamar Jackson as their No. 2-ranked QB

05 March, 2018

"Yeah, I'm not much on that", Reid said Wednesday at the annual NFL Combine. I just decided I don't need him.

Former Louisville star Lamar Jackson, who won the Heisman Trophy two years ago, is adamant about being considered a quarterback heading into the NFL Draft.

Lamar Jackson is not switching positions.

Jackson is too polite to tell reporters what they should be told in regards to that question.

"No sir. I'm a quarterback", he said. "I think that would help me a lot".

Let the haters talk all they want because one thing is clear, they won't be playing on Sundays and Jackson will, as a quarterback.

"I have a guy", Jackson said.

"That's strictly my position", he said another time. "I love those boys - Jarvis Landry, that would be a great offense". If you don't fit its mold, you're in for an uphill struggle.

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Graziano agrees: "You consider yourself a quarterback, and you've been a good one - be a quarterback". Jackson has some of the best deep speed of any player in the class, which is partly why some people think he should make a switch to wide receiver, or at least entertain the idea.

"I'm mobile, I can hit any target on the field", he said. I just love winning. I love to score. I'm not a ball hog, at all. "It may look like it, but I'm not".

But nobody else did, either: Allen wowed the coaches with a 66-yard pinpoint pass at one point during the first of two sessions with the quarterbacks and wide receivers at Lucas Oil Stadium. "I don't know where that came from".

Jackson hasn't announced yet if he will work out as a wideout. And in this, he's also earned some National Football League skeptics, because he isn't working out with a well-known agent, in fact he doesn't have an agent at all. He knows he must improve his accuracy and his footwork, and he's working hard in south Florida leading up to the draft to make strides in that area. "But we're also realistic to know that we have some work to do to plan for the future". "I have to show off my arm, because that's where they doubt me". I'm just saying in general. Jackson told the media on Friday, that he would be more than happy to return home.

"[Teams] are trying to get my feel about how I would feel about being a backup, learning from a veteran", Rudolph said.

Jackson, a famously fast and slippery scrambler on the football field, chuckled when asked how well he handles pressure in the pocket. So you know when he strolled to the podium inside the Indianapolis Convention Center for his NFL Combine press conference on Friday, his answers weren't coached or scripted.

Lamar Jackson only just turned 21 years old and treats virtually everyone he meets with respect, reflexively and politely beginning or ending nearly every answer with a "yes sir" or "no sir".

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