Syracuse women's basketball in NCAA tournament as No. 8 seed

Guard Kyle Guy and Virginia earned a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament
Guard Kyle Guy and Virginia earned a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament. Associated Press Julia Jacobson

13 March, 2018

An anxious week for the Oklahoma women's basketball team ended with jubilation on Monday night when it learned its string of NCAA Tournament appearances will remain intact.

As an Oklahoma State graduate and supporter, my fanbase certainly is in the middle of the talk after Sunday came and went without the Cowboys being part of the field. It's happened four times since 1980, most recently in 2014 when SMU was snubbed despite being one of the best teams in the country.

Oklahoma State earned a No. 9 seed in the Kansas City region and will travel to Starkville, Mississippi to face No. 8 Syracuse in a 2:30 p.m. game on Saturday.

Four players are averaging at least 8.0 points per game for Oklahoma, they are Trae Young (27.4), Christian James (12.1), Brady Manek (10.4) and Kameron McGusty (8.0). USC was one of the biggest snubs in history based on RPI.

The Cowboys finished the season with a 19-14 record and an 8-10 record in conference play. They had a very good case for being in the dance but got left out. The St. Mary's Gaels went 28-5 and went into the WCC tournament ranked 20th in the nation. Elsewhere, the remaining 36 spots were filled by at-large teams, and while some have no-doubt cases for inclusion, there are always arguments to be made for those on the fringe when Selection Sunday arrives.

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Not only should Oklahoma not have been given a seed as high as No. 10, the Sooners shouldn't be in the tournament at all - especially at the expense of other schools who have much more impressive regular season resumes.

The Bulldogs will need to be sharp and bounce back from their loss against SC in the SEC Tournament.

Do you remember the last time a Top 25 ranked team missed out on the "Big Dance"?

The last two years, SportsLine's computer simulation correctly predicted nine out of 12 double-digit NCAA Tournament upsets in the first round with their computer algorithm.

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