Pulse nightclub shooting: Jury acquits widow of gunman who killed 49

Wife of Pulse nightclub killer Omar Mateen found not guilty of aiding husband's attack that left 49 people dead
Widow of Pulse nightclub gunman found not guilty

02 April, 2018

The jury had been deliberating since Wednesday.

Appearing in court flanked by her legal team, Salman stood anxiously as she awaited the final verdict.

"This was really her opportunity to clear her name and move on with her life", her spokeswoman Susan Clary told reporters, adding that Salman will now move to California, where she has relatives.

The defense supported that last claim with Global Positioning System data from Salman's cell phone, which showed no sign that she had driven by the nightclub with Mateen. "Our community is strong".

"A verdict of not guilty did not mean that we thought Noor Salman was unaware of what Omar Mateen was planning to do", he said. Police killed Mateen after the attack.

They said Mateen was unfaithful and often used the friend to trick Salman. Prosecutors said she knew about her husband's plans for the 2016 mass shooting in Orlando that killed 49 people. "The defendant didn't pull the trigger that night, but she did serve as a green light for her husband".

Defence lawyer Charles Swift had said in his closing argument: "She doesn't go to the mosque, she searches for Hello Kitty on her website".

Using geolocation data from cellphone records and documentary evidence of the couple's whereabouts, the Federal Bureau of Investigation had already concluded - long before Salman was arrested - that it was impossible that she went to Pulse with Mateen on that date.

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Salman did not testify during the trial. When asked what the future looks like for Salman, her attorney Fritz Scheller replied, "She's going to be a mother". "I wish I'd go back and tell his family and the police what he was going to do", which lead to accusation of providing misleading statements to law enforcement.

Her protection group suggested that much from being an excited partner, Salman was rather a "easy female" with a reduced INTELLIGENCE, at risk to affect and also abused by Mateen.

"Why would Omar Mateen confide in Noor, a woman he clearly had no respect for?" Noor Salman is a mother, not a monster.

When she got into her attorney's white Mercedes, she buried her face in her still-shaking hands as they drove away.

"This case is about what she knew and what she did", Sweeney said at trial. They said Salman is not capable of being "calculating", "deceptive" or "able to connect the dots".

"Nothing harmful would come out of her", a friend of Salman's who was identified only as Ms. Ahmed told jurors.

But defense attorneys said those statements were coerced, and there was no audio or video tape of the interrogation. A judge rejected motions to either dismiss the case or order a mistrial earlier this week. The dates of the money transfers were between March 16, 2016, and June 5, 2016, according to the email.

While that piece of the statement has been disproved, prosecutors stressed they used electronic evidence to prove other points were correct, including Mateen's obsession with ISIS. The declaring kept in mind that government authorities had actually additionally opened up an examination of Seddique Mateen after the capturing, basing the probe on a collection of loan transfers he made to Turkey and also Afghanistan not long prior to the bloodbath.

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