Baby born four years after parents' death

Siah Hwee Ang
Baby Born in China 4 Years After His Parents Die in Car Accident

13 April, 2018

Liu was killed right away; Shen died five days later, reports said.

At the time of the accident, the embryos were stored safely in a Nanjing hospital, frozen at minus 196 degrees in a liquid nitrogen tank, writes BBC, adding that a court battle gave the four grandparents-to-be the right over the fertilized eggs.

It was the first case of its kind and there was no regulation in China advising how to handle untransplanted embryos, so the grandparents were embarking on new legal territory.

The landmark ruling that allows parents to inherit frozen embryos created by their children has triggered a wide-ranging debate on Chinese social media. Ding Lijun, a reproductive specialist at the Nanjing hospital, told the newspaper that the hospital sympathised with the elderly couples but needed to carefully navigate uncharted ethical territory. Before the child was born, the surrogate was taken to China on a tourist visa.

This week for the very first time, the story of the baby boy, who was born in December a year ago, was reported by The Beijing News.

Laos is one of the few Southeast Asian countries where the rules are a little more relaxed - the Bejing News calls it "the new darling of commercial surrogacy".

There, doctors implanted two of the embryos into a 27-year-old Laotian woman who would be the surrogate mother.

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On December 9, 2017, four years after his biological parents had died in a vehicle crash, a baby boy was born by surrogacy in Guangzhou.

In December a year ago, Shen and Liu's baby boy was born in a hospital in Guangzhou.

The baby boy, named Tiantian, faced another problem - his citizenship.

However, given that his biological parents were not alive to prove his paternity, the four grandparents underwent blood tests and DNA tests to prove that the boy was indeed their grandchild and that both his parents were Chinese.

Dr Ding Lijun, from the hospital that originally held the embryos, told China Daily that although hospital authorities were sympathetic to the families involved, they were cautious about handing embryos to individuals.

The four new grandparents said they were thrilled that they are able to continue the families' bloodline.

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