Southwest Airlines Sends $6K Total To Flight 1380 Passengers

Southwest Airlines Sends $6K Total To Flight 1380 Passengers
Southwest Airlines Sends $6K Total To Flight 1380 Passengers

22 April, 2018

How to wear a mask is something that is demonstrated at the beginning of every flight.

Mr Needum, seated next to his father and son, turned back to see that oxygen masks had deployed in the cabin. "If it's raining outside and you see there's lightening, are you going to choose to go out there if you don't have to?"

He turned to his wife, Stephanie. The airline would not answer's questions about what it had offered her family in the way of compensation on Friday morning.

"I just think the way that she handled it was really remarkable", she said. "And I felt moved to act".

Passengers dragged her back into the cabin, but she died at a Philadelphia hospital after the plane made an emergency landing.

A nurse began administering CPR.

The Federal Aviation Administration said late on Wednesday it was working to quickly finalise an airworthiness directive within the next two weeks that had been proposed in August 2017 after a similar engine failure in a Southwest plane in 2016, which it said would apply to 220 engines.

Matt Riley, a 23-year-old from Bloomington, Illinois, said he likes being able to look out the window while flying, and is just as likely to ask for a window seat in the future. "We've got injured passengers".

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"No, it's not on fire, but part of it's missing", Capt Shults said, pausing for a moment.

An individual familiar with the investigation said it is likely Ms Riordan's neck broke from the force of the airplane's speed when her head was pulled outside.

Mackey says the actions of the captain and crew getting the plane to the ground safely in Philadelphia, and the way they embraced the passengers upon landing, was extraordinary.

Ms Jennifer Riordan was seated in row 14 when she was sucked through a 25.4-by-35.6-cm window that had been broken by pieces of the disintegrating engine. The engine last had a major overhaul about 10,000 flights ago. NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt said the plane engine would be closely examined to determine the cause of the tragedy.

That's when two men and a woman came over to pull Riordan out and performed CPR.

At times, Mr Needum cried as he talked about Ms Riordan. "We can confirm the communication and gesture are authentic and heartfelt". Officials have said they are focusing on studying the break area near where the blade connected to the turbine's hub to determine what caused the break, and what flaws may have existed in the metal.

Former flight attendant Bobby Laurie, who now works as a TV travel expert, blasted passengers for failing to cover their noses and mouths with the masks.

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