Juror in Bill Cosby trial: 'Actor's fate was sealed by own deposition'

Gloria Allred was booed Sunday night for bringing up the Bill Cosby verdict at the Daytime Emmy Awards
Cosby juror: I was convinced by comedy icon's deposition

01 May, 2018

It will be telling to see what the rest of the jury - there were five women and seven men, and three jurors said they or a family member had been the victim of a sexual assault - feel the same way as this young, white, male juror, who said that it was Cosby's words, rather than the words of his victims, that clinched his decision.

Snyder never considered the allegations to be an "open-and-shut case" before the trial, and revealed it wasn't the testimonies given in court by five of Cosby's other alleged victims, including former supermodel Janice Dickinson, which swayed the jury, instead pointing to the comedian's previous confession about using powerful sedatives during his youth to sleep with ladies he found attractive.

Complainant Andrea Constand, left, embraces prosecutor Kristen Feden at a news conference after Cosby was found guilty on Thursday.

His lawyers are planning to appeal the conviction.

Bill Cosby's 2005 admission that he drugged women to have sex with them was the most compelling piece of evidence leading a Pennsylvania jury to finding him guilty of sexual assault, one of the jurors told ABC's Good Morning America. That he used these drugs on other women'.

"The prosecutor had said Cosby had a private plane and could escape custody", The Post reports. One woman pointedly called Cosby a "serial rapist", and another asked him through her tears, "You remember, don't you, Mr. Cosby?" "It was devastating for everyone involved", she said.

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"I think it was his deposition, really", said Harrison Snyder, 22, of Montgomery County in the USA state of Pennsylvania, in an interview with ABC News.

"There was someone who had been sexually assaulted, someone who deserved to hear 12 people say that not only do we believe you but we're going to hold the person who did it accountable", Ryan said.

Snyder's sentiments on Cosby's deposition echoed similar statements from some jurors in the entertainer's first trial, which ended in a mistrial and hung jury in June. Race and the #MeToo movement against sexual misconduct were never discussed, according to the statement, obtained by NBC's "Today" show.

Not once were race or the #metoo movement ever discussed, nor did either factor into our decision, as implied in various media outlets.

"After thoughtful and meticulous consideration of the information and evidence provided to us, we came to our unanimous verdict", the jury said. He could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison for each count on which he was convicted.

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