Israel strike Army positions in central Syria

Israel strike Army positions in central Syria
Israel strike Army positions in central Syria

26 July, 2018

Jordan's foreign ministry announced in a statement that the kingdom received 422 Syrian nationals for resettlement in Britain, Germany and Canada.

While initial reports suggested 800 were evacuated, the White Helmets confirmed that 98 male and female volunteers and 324 family members were now in Jordan, having travelled through the occupied Golan Heights.

"White Helmets have been the target of attacks and, due to their high profile, we judged that, in these particular circumstances, the volunteers required immediate protection", it said.

Hunt described the White Helmets as "the bravest of the fearless", adding that "in a desperate situation this is at least one ray of hope".

Netanyahu also revealed on Sunday that Trudeau was one of the world leaders who personally asked for Israel to evacuate roughly 800 of the White Helmets over fears they would be targeted by regime forces.

The White Helmets confirmed in a tweet Sunday that volunteers and their families were evacuated to Jordan for "purely humanitarian" reasons after becoming "trapped in a risky area".

The total number of people could be over 200, almost half of the Syrians evacuated into Jordan on Sunday.

Hundreds of rebel fighters and their families arrived Saturday in northwestern Syria after their evacuation from a southern province under a deal with the regime.

The White Helmets group has advertised itself as a volunteer force and Syria's "civil defense". Their volunteers have gone into war-stricken areas, searching for survivors, winning them support from many countries, including the United States.

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It is understood that the United Nations Human Right Council's procedures for identifying and resettling refugees would be used to decide who could come to the UK, while their placement would be resolved through the Government's vulnerable persons resettlement scheme. The ministry's spokesman Mohammed al-Kayed said the Syrians would remain in Jordan for three months.

The White Helmets have rescued thousands of civilians trapped under the rubble or caught up in fighting in opposition-held zones along various fronts of Syria's seven-year conflict. The officer added that after the army's victory in southwestern Syria, Israel is forced to accept the return of the SAA to the occupied Golan Heights border.

The Syrian government on Monday condemned the evacuation, calling it a "criminal operation" undertaken by "Israel and its tools".

Piazza said Putin has made Syria the showpiece of its resurrection as a global superpower - and a player in the Middle East.

Germany says it will take in eight Syrian rescue workers known as White Helmets, who were evacuated from southern Syria by the Israeli military.

"Jordan is willing and encouraging the return when tension calms down because the refugees constitute a heavy burden on the kingdom in the light of the worldwide community's inability to cover the costs", she said. When Israeli sensors realised they would land on the Syrian side, David's Sling was given an abort order for the interceptors to self-destruct in mid-air.

"It seems like simple moral math to me that when the uprising fails, they should try to get their guys out alive, with their families", he told AP in an email.

Syrian state television said on Sunday that an Israeli air strike hit a military post in the city of Misyaf in Syria's Hama province, causing material damage. The area houses several defense ministry facilities.

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