Dallas police fire Officer Amber Guyger

Flats in Dallas Sept. 7 2018
Ryan Tarinelli AP FILEThe South Side Flats in Dallas Sept. 7 2018

25 September, 2018

"That decision and hearing was held this morning, at approximately 10 a.m.", police Chief U. Renee Hall said Monday.

"As Botham Shem Jean's family has his home-going service in St. Lucia this week, this announcement of Amber Guyger's termination from the Dallas Police Department is bittersweet for Botham's family", the Jean family's attorneys, Ben Crump, Lee Merritt and Daryl Washington, said in a statement.

The Dallas Police Department has fired officer Amber Guyger, nearly three weeks after she shot and killed her black neighbor in his apartment.

An independent investigation is being conducted by the Dallas County district attorney's office to present a case to the grand jury that will determine Guyger's fate once she is called to court.

Guyger was arrested on a manslaughter charge after she shot and killed Jean earlier this month. She was booked on manslaughter charges three days later and released on $300,000 bond.

Since the incidence, Guyger has since claimed that Jean didn't listen to her "verbal commands" before fatally shooting him. Still in her uniform, Guyger parked on the fourth floor of the complex and walked to what she believed was her apartment, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. That position apparently changed over the weekend, as Guyger's firing was not expected.

Amber Guyger is no longer a part of the Dallas Police Department.

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She had said the door was ajar, but opened under the force of her unique door key, which is outfitted with an electronic chip, the documents said. Inside, the lights were off, and she saw a figure in the darkness that cast a large silhouette across the room, according to the officer's account.

The statement says she was sacked for "her actions", but does not elaborate on those actions.

Guyger called 911 and, when asked where she was, returned to the front door to see she was in the wrong unit, according to the affidavit.

Jean died at a hospital.

As she navigates in slow motion, trying to gain clarity about what really happened to her son, Allison Jean is committed to pushing forward to gain justice for his death.

Officials are specifically seeking footage recorded from 8am the day the shooting took place until midnight in order to trace Guyger's steps leading up to the Jean's death.

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