Duterte back in PH after APEC summit in Papua New Guinea

Commentary                | 15 November 2018                        Australia versus China in the South Pacific
Commentary | 15 November 2018 Australia versus China in the South Pacific

21 November, 2018

A Leaders' Declaration has been issued after every annual APEC leaders' meeting since the first in 1993, the group's website shows.

O'Neill said that he may release a statement in his capacity as the chair of the summit.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was also absent from the summit.

The Pacific island nations command swathes of ocean, pivotal during World War Two, and are home to fish stock and reserves of fossil fuels.

Calling for advancing the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) and jointly building a vibrant and open Asia-Pacific, the leaders urged all sides to press ahead the work on drawing up a post-2020 vision and popularize the achievements of digitalization and innovation in all member economies.

New Zealand has joined Australia, the United States, Japan, and Papua New Guinea in a $1.7 billion project to bring electricity to almost three quarters of the country.

Papua New Guinea police and soldiers have stormed the country's parliament, smashing windows and furniture and demanding unpaid APEC bonuses just days after the worldwide summit wrapped up, police and witnesses said.

"We're in a very strong position, " Pence said when asked whether there was a deadline to end the trade war.

In the meetings, the President "actively engaged in important discussions and advanced our country's priorities in what we consider as the most important economic cooperation platform in the world", Panelo said.

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One mentioned opposing "unfair trade practices" and reforming the WTO, while another concerned sustainable development. With 20 of the 48 letters required already confirmed, and more on the way, a no-confidence vote could be seen as early as Monday, and according to various sources, PM May's chances of winning an inter-parliamentary vote are looking "bleak", and unnamed sources are warning that officials at Downing Street are contemplating a "kamikaze strategy" that would see PM May encouraging a financial market crash should she lose a first-round vote in an effort to galvanize support for a second-round vote, and the hefty if unverified accusations will do little to provide support for the GBP heading into the new week.

One mentioned opposing "unfair trade practices" and reforming the WTO, while another concerned sustainable development.

With both the US and China competing in world trade and world aid, Pence signaled the best way to move forward will come when President Trump and President Xi Jinping speak at the G20 summit in Argentina later this month.

On Sunday, as he left the PNG capital of Port Moresby, he listed USA differences with China.

Trump is pressing China to reduce its huge bilateral trade surplus and make sweeping changes to its policies on trade, technology transfers and high-tech industrial subsidies.

Pence also took direct aim at Xi's signature Belt and Road initiative, saying in his speech countries should not accept debt that compromised their sovereignty. "All we are interested in is to build a small road, a small hospital, a small school building and all these things about trade issues are well beyond our comprehension".

Speaking before Pence, Xi said there was no geopolitical agenda behind the project, which was unveiled in 2013 and aims to bolster a network of land and sea links with Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

But before he flew out of PNG, Mr Morrison talked down the significance of the dispute.

Chinese President Xi Jinping was feted by Papua New Guinea during a formal state visit on Friday, and Western leaders were watching closely when he met with leaders of Pacific island nations.

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