Some migrant caravan members self-deporting as frustration grows in Tijuana

Invasion! Sinclair’s 173 TV stations air ‘must-run’ anti-migrant screed as narrative battle heats
Migrants make their way to the border fence between Mexico and the United States in Tijuana Mexico

29 November, 2018

Many among the more than 5000 Central American migrants in Tijuana were urgently exploring their options amid a growing feeling that they had little hope of making successful asylum bids in the United States or of crossing the border illegally.

The latest instalment of the periodic "must-run" commentary by Sinclair's chief political analyst and former aide of President Donald Trump, Boris Epshteyn, focused on the migrant caravan at the US-Mexico border.

Over those 11 months, there were 743 cases of agents and officers using less-lethal force, like batons, stun guns, tear gas and pepper spray.

"The alarm went off and they began throwing tear gas at us".

The weekend port closures and chaos turned the focus of the nation to the San Diego-Tijuana border.

"We never thought they were going to fire these bombs where there were children, because there were lots of children", said Meza, sitting in view of the rusted-steel USA border fence. Mexican authorities said 39 people were arrested in Mexico. In response, CBP deployed additional personnel to San Ysidro in expectation of demonstrations on both sides of the border.

The San Ysidro border post across from Tijuana - the busiest crossing on the US-Mexico border - was closed to traffic and pedestrians for several hours following the incident.

A group of United Nations officials advised the United States that rhetoric surrounding the migrant caravan "has detrimental effects on the right to mental health not only of migrants" and also on "the general public".

President Donald Trump has strongly defended the use of tear gas at the Mexican border to repel a crowd of migrants that included barefoot, crying children as well as angry rock-throwers.

However, Mexico's foreign ministry sent the USA government a diplomatic note expressing its concern about the use of non-lethal weapons, and calling for a full investigation.

A Peaceful Demonstration Turns Ugly at US Border
Subdued migrants at Tijuana border camp consider options

Although Mexico's Foreign Ministry on Monday continued to stress a "focus on shared responsibility", Trump has called upon Mexico to bear the lion's share of the burden.

"I can not agree on the use of force, not even that type of force that is tear gas or rubber bullets", he said.

Here are a few other points Scott raised in explaining how U.S. Customs and Border Protection responded.

If he doesn't receive his desired funding, Trump also threatened in an interview with The Washington Post to increase physical security at the border, which has been the site of increasingly tense clashes between migrants and USA border officials in recent days, including the use of tear gas and pepper spray against members of the migrant caravan. He questioned why parents were approaching the border with children at all, suggesting that some of the adults "grabbed" children to better their chances of entering the US.

Mr Trump and Ms Nielsen did not provide evidence for their claims.

Pineda, who had traveled for nearly a month from the violent northern Honduran city of San Pedro Sula with her 6-year-old son, said she had arrived in Tijuana 13 days earlier, feeling unwell.

His remarks come as Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum said Tuesday that his city is running out of resources to help those in the caravan.

About 7,500 migrants have arrived at the US-Mexican border in recent weeks.

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen released an official statement regarding the "migrant caravan" members attempting to enter the country illegally this week; saying her Department is prepared to "shut down" ports of entry due to "security concerns".

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