Trump's personal charity closed down over misuse of funds

Trump Foundation Concedes to Prosecutors and Agrees to Shut Down Operations
Trump Foundation agrees to dissolve as New York state accuses family of running slush fund

20 December, 2018

Lawyers for the foundation say any infractions were minor. Given that The Washington Post's David Fahrenthold won a Pulitzer for exposing the rampant corruption known as the Trump Foundation, it was likely a futile effort to expose the organization to more scrutiny.

Nonprofit foundations are supposed to be devoted to charitable activities. It turns out a lot of charities are serious about keeping donations private - that makes it tough to prove how much they actually give to charity and how much they're using for their own personal - or political - ends.

The foundation agreed to dissolve under the supervision of a judge. But Tebow memorabilia is at the center of the latest Trump scandal involving his personal charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

Futerfas said that, over its life, the foundation had given away about $19 million, including $8.25 million donated by Trump himself. But the attorney general's office blocked him from doing so amid concerns about the handling of the foundation's documents and assets. "You know, the Trump Organization, the Trump family, the Trump inauguration, the Trump transition, the Trump White House, the Trump Foundation are all being investigated for various shades of wrongdoing".

"The N.Y.A.G.'s inaccurate statement of this morning is a further attempt to politicize this matter", he added.

"There is one set of rules for everyone", Underwood said. "That was unacceptable", she said.

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Raking through the foundation's records since 2016, Underwood found what she described as "a shocking pattern of illegality", which included not only various self-serving schemes to bolster Trump businesses and stroke Trump's ego but also multiple (and unlawful) expenditures to advance his presidential campaign.

The Trump Foundation, for instance, purchased a $10,000 portrait of Trump that was displayed at one of his golf clubs. Lewandowski wrote in an email cited in Underwood's lawsuit.

The application to dismiss the lawsuit said it reflected Ms Underwood's "pervasive bias" against the Trumps. The biggest donors to the foundation were Vince and Linda McMahon, co-founders of World Wrestling Entertainment, who kicked in $5 million. Trump had boycotted a Republican presidential debate and held what he described as a fundraiser for veterans instead.

Ms Underwood is a Democrat and is seeking millions of dollars in penalties. The most recent tax return filed by the foundation listed its net assets at slightly more than $1.7 million.

Tuesday's agreement was reached after a NY judge last month rejected arguments from the foundation's lawyers that the lawsuit was politically motivated and should be thrown out. I had nothing to do with the AG's disposition of this case.

"Shady Eric was head of New Yorkers for Clinton, and refused to even look at the corrupt Clinton Foundation", Trump continued. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman deemed Trump University and its affiliates "sham for-profit colleges" that ripped off 5,000 consumers.

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