New York 'Alien Invasion' Blue Light Memes & Jokes

NYC transformer explosion
News An explosion at a New York City power plant last night made it look like aliens were invading

29 December, 2018

The New York Police Department advised that people avoid the area: "The light you have seen throughout the city appear to have been from a transformer explosion at a Con Ed facility in Queens".

The New York Police Department said a transformer exploded at the utility company's facility in Astoria shortly after 9 p.m., CBS New York reports.

Another user asked: "Why is the sky lit up bright blue in Queens New York City right now?"

Queens pet owners flew into a panic as a blast of blue light lit up the New York City skyline - with some scooping up their furry friends and getting out of Dodge.

"It's "*Not a href="" *tweeted Eric Phillips, a spokesman for Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Officials said that the freaky spectacle was the result of a transformer explosion at a power plant run by the energy supplier Con Edison, ... Service was impacted until around 10:25 p.m. between Woodside - 74th St. and Main Street. While it is unclear what caused the fire in the first place, bright colors from transformer fires, explosions, or arcing power lines are not uncommon. It also prompted a brief ground stop at LaGuardia Airport.

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In January 2014, a transformer under Sixth Avenue in midtown blew up after being shorted out by salt and melting snow, causing some impressive (orange) flames and leading to the evacuation of a nearby building.

If you happen to live in New York City, the NYPD is advising that everyone stay away from the area around 20th Ave and 31 St.

Some began looking for a scientific explanation as to why a power plant failure would produce blue light specifically. Planes were landing at the airport but departing flights were temporarily held.

The cause of the incident was being investigated.

Another Twitter user noted that people had been warned to change their ways: "What's happening in the sky in NY?"

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