Police update after Jayme Closs found alive in Wisconsin

County Wis. Sheriff's Department shows Jayme Closs who was discovered missing Oct. 15 2018 after her parents were found fatally shot at their home in Barron Wis. The Barron County Sheriff'
Missing teen whose parents were shot is found alive, suspect in custody

12 January, 2019

On Friday, the Barron County Sheriff's Office updated the public on the recovery of Jayme Closs, who was allegedly abducted in October by a 21-year-old man who police say fatally shot her parents.

The Barron County Sheriff's Department was notified by the Douglas County Sheriff's Department that they had located Jayme Closs alive, according to Fitzgerald.

She was found Thursday afternoon in Gordon, Wisconsin, a town about 66 miles north of where Jayme was last seen, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office said.

The woman began knocking on a neighbour's door shouting: "This is Jayme Closs, call 911!"

Fitzgerald said that the home where Closs had been held was in a remote area but couldn't say if Patterson owned it.

The Sheriff's Department says a suspect was taken into custody roughly 10 minutes later in the same town Jayme was found in.

Without getting specific, authorities said on Friday that James Thomas Patterson took various steps to avoid detection by law enforcement and the public after the October 15 murders. Sheriff Fitzgerald said Jayme did not have any contact with Mr Patterson on social media.

A motive - and whether Patterson and the Closs family knew each other - remains under investigation, authorities said.

Shortly before Closs was found, a fake alert in Walworth County had been released saying she had been located, Fitzgerald said. After she was found, she was taken to the hospital, examined and held overnight for observation.

As the stunned neighbors stood at the door, Jayme did not say a word.

Jayme told the couple she did not know where she was or anything about Gordon.

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Sue Allard, Jayme's aunt, overwhelmed and crying, could barely express her joy after learning the news.

'Praise the Lord. It's the news we've been waiting on for three months.

Closs approached a woman who was walking her dog and gave the woman her name.

"It's time to move forward and bring justice for my sister and brother-in-law and we'll get through this with Jayme together as a big family", said Jennifer Naiberg.

"I've always been a glass half-full kind of guy", Fitzgerald said at the time.

Jayme vanished October 15, and her parents, James and Denise Closs, were found fatally shot in their home near Barron, a town of 3,300 in northwestern Wisconsin.

Patterson, the suspect, is being held in the Barron County jail on suspicion of kidnapping and homicide in the murder of Jayme's parents.

Elizabeth Smart, rescued nine months after being abducted while a teen from her Salt Lake City home in 2002, called the result "a miracle".

Upon arrival, they discovered that Jayme was missing.

They offered her water and food, but she declined both. "I just can't wait". "You just have to get up every day and keep that hope alive and stick together as a family and pray that everything is going to work out", said Tom Allard, a family member. "I just can't wait".

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