Meizu launches insane new smartphone without any ports

The world's first monolithic phone with no holes and no buttons looks stunning
A Chinese phone you can't buy packs features the iPhone XS and Galaxy S10 can only dream of

25 January, 2019

Ahead of Vivo Apex 2019's official launch (scheduled for January 24) and after some leaks, Meizu has unveiled the world's first-ever smartphone without any ports - the Meizu Zero in China.

The Meizu Zero does not have any physical buttons anywhere. While Vivo's concept still raises certain questions, Meizu has already come up with what it thinks is the next major step in smartphone design with the Meizu Zero.

To encounter the challenges from not having a physical speaker, Meizu has equipped Zero with an under-display sound technology called mSound 2.0. For photography, its features the very same Sony IMX380 12-megapixel + Sony IMX350 20-megapixel dual camera setup which is available on the Meizu 16th smartphone. Meizu has also not yet commented on the price or a possible release window.

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"Striving for ideal design and the "less is more" minimalist style, Meizu zero comes with a true holeless design, striving for the highest possible degree of minimalism", the company said. Yup, that is right: no earpiece hole, no charging port, no speakers and no physical buttons as everything is in a sealed device. However, the company also didn't disclose the phone's battery capacity and the charging time although it is apparently on par with a conventional cable. However, it is likely that this technology will only work with the dedicated wireless charging base that Meizu exclusively manufactures.

This isn't particularly special when pitted against numerous other Android handsets out there, but the Meizu Zero does net itself a tidy IP68 rating. A fingerprint reader is also embedded on the front display. Meizu zero offers unrivalled transmission speed; with the high-efficient architecture design for wireless transmission, it allows you to transfer HD movie between devices at an incredible speed, pushing data transmission speed top the utmost. The Meizu Zero comes with IP68 rating meaning that it is both water and dust resistant. It does not even have an opening for SIM card slot. For example, it depends on an eSIM for mobile connectivity, which are all too easily locked by carriers. Meizu has relied on the last year's Snapdragon 845 chip with LPDDR4X RAM.

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