Marshmello's upcoming Fortnite tracks appear on iTunes

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A DJ Is Doing A Live Set Inside 'Fortnite' This Weekend, Which Is Peak 2019

05 February, 2019

The posters note the event will fall on February 2 at 11 am PT (February 3 at 6 am AEST) and will be part of a showtime challenge.

According to reports, Epic Games has booked Marshmello to perform an in-game concert which will be hosted on the football field in Pleasant Park.

The show was a sight to remember as players from around the world joined together to enjoy a set by the worldwide phenomenon EDM DJ, Marshmello, for a free concert! Like most events, you'll probably need to be in a non-Playground game mode to watch it unfold. But perhaps smartest of all, this was not an event for Marshmello fans in the way that previous virtual concerts have been.

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We've seen this in-game concert thing before, but not on this scale. Further, as Keighley points out, the 10 million-plus only represents the players watching in-game, and doesn't even take into consideration the millions of people watching online. The big deal with the Fortnite Marshmello gig was not whatwas done but how it was done.

The Marshmello Fortnite Extended Set is now available to download on iTunes. For the duration of the 10-minute show at Pleasant Park, which was broadcast across thousands of servers, weapons were disabled and respawns turned on so players could concentrate on deploying dance emotes instead of murder.

Once you finish each challenge you'll unlock the Mello Made It Right spray, as well as the Keep It Mello emote and Marshy Smasher Pickaxe.

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