Clocks go ahead one hour Sunday

Daylight Saving Time adjustments could lead to health risks, studies say
Why Daylight Saving Time Starts Sunday

11 March, 2019

Daylight Saving Time returns at 2:00 a.m. this Sunday morning, March 10th.

Who invented Daylight Saving Time?

And in the 1980s, businesses funded the Daylight Saving Time Coalition because more daylight is better for business.

Daylight saving time wasn't introduced until Germany implemented it during World War I. The Germans thought having more daylight hours would help conserve energy. It was officially signed into law in the United States by President Woodrow Wilson in 1918.

- Those trying: Florida just passed a bill to make daylight saving time permanent.

Proponents have argued daylight saving time saves energy. And a study that same year from the University of California-Santa Barbara found it might even increase energy consumption.

While many people also cite the reason behind the time change as a way to help farmers with crops and harvesting, the truth is this was a myth created by the Chamber of Commerce to garner support for the concept.

States that came around: In the past, Alaska, Michigan and In did not observe the time change.

Where is Daylight Saving Time not observed in the USA?

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The implementation of Daylight Saving Time is another complicated topic. But from then until 1966, cities and states were free to do as they pleased.

Daylight saving time is 52 years old.

. Canada and parts of Europe also observe DST, but it's called "summer time" across the pond.

While the benefits of Daylight Saving Time are questionable, the negative impacts have begun to receive more attention in recent years.

According to Winston Churchill, Daylight Saving Time expands "opportunities for the pursuit of health and happiness" for millions of people by optimizing the daylight hours. So, you may be wondering why on earth we observe daylight savings, considering time is a construct and there are way bigger things to be worrying about right now.

In Pennsylvania, Representative Russ Diamond (R) of Lebanon County is leading the charge against Daylight Saving Time.

Brookings, for instance, seems to be on board with the year-round DST approach, saying the costs and dangers are associated less with the shift forward than the constant back and forth. On average, Americans lose 40 minutes of sleep when we set the clocks ahead in the spring.

CBS Philadelphia citied studies that show disrupting sleep patterns, even just an hour, can increase the risk for heart trouble. "These government-mandated interruptions of natural biological rhythms and sleep cycles can wreak havoc on job performance, academic results, and overall physical/mental health". Marco Rubio and Rick Scott and Rep.

One would move ME into the Atlantic Time Zone, which would mean the state would no longer set clocks back in fall. "The spring time changes is especially difficult for teenagers, who struggle to get up early for school and have a hard time advancing their sleep schedule to an earlier time". If that's not enough to make you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, remember that you'll also be losing an hour of sleep as we revert to Daylight Saving Time (DST).

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