The Fortnite Reboot Van is coming next week

Fortnite's new Reboot Van
Fortnite's new Reboot Van

09 April, 2019

Epic Games will soon add a new feature to the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite that will allow players to bring back their fallen teammates, similar to the Respawn Beacons of Apex Legends. During this time a beacon will alight in the sky, letting any nearby players know about the Reboot Van's activation. So, unlike the revival terminals in Apex Legends, players can use a Reboot Van multiple times, should they stick around long enough for it to complete its cooldown.

Epic Games has announced that it's adding Reboot Vans to Fortnite.

But remember: Without their Reboot Card, you can't bring teammates back.

To bring your friends or team mates back to life, you would require a device called the Reboot card.

Well, today, the Dev Update #13 released, telling players about the Reboot Van coming in the next update. It'll then go on cool-down, preventing others from using it for "a duration of time".

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The option to revive teammates makes the battle royale genre a bit more forgiving. But there is one difference which is that on Fortnite a reboot van can only be used once per match and there will be limited number strewn across the map.

The Fortnite version 8.30 should roll out this week - likely on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Epic will nearly certainly get some criticism for ripping another feature from a rival game.

Not being a direct copy of Apex's version, the process of respawning will set off a vehicle alarm to alert nearby players. It's unclear if the reboot vans will be included in the upcoming "Fortnite World Cup." As early as February 2019, many players had asked Epic if they were planning something like that - and Epic said they were thinking about it.

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