Trump says he'll put tariffs on $11B in EU goods

US Prepares to Impose More Tariffs on EU Goods in Response to Airbus Subsidies
US Prepares to Impose More Tariffs on EU Goods in Response to Airbus Subsidies

10 April, 2019

On April 8, 2019, the United States Trade Representative said it began the process of imposing additional tariffs on a list of EU-made products including large civilian aircraft (hint: Airbus) and their parts.

The US administration has drawn up an $11billion list of imports after the World Trade Organisation found European Union backing of Airbus "repeatedly caused adverse effects" to American aeroplane manufacturer Boeing.

The US Administration threatened with imposing tariffs on $11 billion of USA imports of goods from the EU. The EU has taken advantage of the United States on trade for many years. "It will soon stop!"

The U.S. trade authority released a preliminary list of products to be covered by the additional import duties, including helicopters, passenger and cargo aircraft, fuselages, and other aircraft parts. The amount is now subject to an arbitration at the WTO which is expected to deliver a verdict in the summer. "The adoption expected this week of the WTO report will allow European Union to start sanctions proceeding with far larger countermeasures against the U.S. This all leads to unnecessary trade tensions, and that shows the only reasonable solution is a negotiated settlement".

The EU responded Tuesday to the U.S.'s latest call for new tariffs by noting that it was based on its own estimate, not anything it had been awarded by the WTO.

The US trade representative, Robert Lighthizer, said that the case had been in litigation at the World Trade Organisation for 14 years and that "the time has come for action". The EU, however, has also accused the USA of illegally subsidizing Boeing - the main rival of Airbus.

The World Trade Organization ruled previous year that the European Union provided illegal subsidies to plane maker Airbus.

"You're scaring a lot of importers" who see the products they bring into the United States on the target list, said Hillman, who now teaches law at Georgetown University.

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It began in 2018 when the USA started slapping tariffs on the imports of steel and aluminium from a number of countries, including the EU.

The Boeing-Airbus spat is the longest and most complicated dispute dealt with by the WTO, which aims to create a level playing field in global trade.

The USTR said Monday that once that report is issued it will announce a finalized product list for tariffs, but it has already published an extensive list of items being considered, and sought public feedback.

The U.S. and EU have since July been negotiating how to scale back the tariffs, with Trump holding out the bigger threat of slapping tariffs on European cars - a huge industry in the region - should the negotiations not yield a result.

The action comes as USA aerospace giant Boeing grapples with the fallout from two deadly crashes involving its 737 Max planes, which have been grounded globally.

The US is now negotiating a trade deal with China, but tit-for-tat tariffs imposed by the two countries have already weighed on the global economy this year. In 2016 the WTO said that the European Union had failed to comply with a ruling to...

Tucker, in her statement, accused Boeing of not complying with past WTO decisions.

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