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Woman who received first face transplant dies at 49

According to a report, Dinoire's body had rejected the transplant a year ago "and she had lost part of the use of her lips". Duvauchelle and his team performed a triangular shaped cut on the donor's skin and gave it to Dinoire, including a new nose, chin, and lips.

Fantasy football picks for week 2

Ansah is an important piece to the Lions' defensive front. The Lions wrapped up Week 1 with a comeback win over the Indianapolis Colts, 39-35. Given both teams' strong suit is their offense, and lack a strong defense, a lot of points can likely be expected in this one.

Could Medical Marijuana Help Reduce Opioid Abuse?

Other studies have shown that medical marijuana states see fewer painkiller overdose deaths than states without medical pot, and that access to medical marijuana dispensaries is also linked to declining rates of opiate overdose and death.

Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump won't 'stand with working people'

Asked by CNN's Chris Cuomo what he would do the day after a hypothetical Trump victory, Sanders replied , "Uh ... try to overcome my depression and then figure out where we go from there". "And if you go through the issues - raising the minimum wage, pay equity, family leave, making public colleges and universities tuition free, climate change - on all of those issues and many, many others, clearly Hillary Clinton is far and away the superior candidate ".

2 earthquakes hit South Korea; no reports of serious damage

South Korea's nuclear operator said early on Tuesday it suspended operation of four reactors at a nuclear power complex late on Monday as a precaution after two earthquakes struck the country's southeast. Kakaotalk, the country's largest mobile app, which is used by 40 million people, partially went down, the company said, as users rushed to exchange messages in the aftermath of the quake.

Brooklyn College Student Dies From Brain-Eating Amoeba After Maryland Creek Swim

Stoutenburgh's father, Donald, said the amoeba must have entered his daughter's system via her sinuses after she jumped off a bridge and into a warm body of water on August 20. Although most people catch it from swimming in contaminated fresh water, some have contracted N. fowleri by using contaminated tap water to irrigate their noses or by swimming in poorly chlorinated swimming pools.

Exercise can curb risks tied with alcohol

The surveys focused on the impact of exercise and alcohol consumption on health in people aged 40 years and above. The link was researched on a meta-study led by Dr. Drinkers who do the recommended amount of exercise can reduce their risk of dying from alcohol-related cancer, according to new medical research. This finding suggested a "J-shaped curve", explain the researchers.

Buffalo Bills Will Test Ravens Offensive Line

Taylor wasn't certain what lay in store some 19 months ago, when he left Baltimore and the shadow of being Joe Flacco's backup for an opportunity prove himself. As Taylor was enjoying a break-out year in Buffalo, Flacco suffered his first major injury. "We've got other guys that can come in and do it. Douz (End Leger Douzable) has been a guy that's rushed a good bit out of nickel in the league, so we've got guys that can move around and rush the passer when we get in advantage situations".

Bills Henderson appealing NFL 4-game suspension

Henderson's suspension is the Bills' third suspension related to substance abuse this offseason, but this one is a bit ridiculous. "I definitely appreciate everything that comes with being able to play because it could be gone that fast", Henderson said, snapping his fingers.

NASCAR needs a spurt of new superstars to make racing fun

Nemechek was eventually declared the victor, per NASCAR , but that decision happened minutes after the fight was broken up. The youngster responded with a leaping tackle to knock John Nemechek to the ground as the race victor waited at the checkered flag-stand.

US says will look into India's visa concerns

On the proposed totalisation agreement or social security pact with the U.S., she said: "I put it on record saying, consultation had not happened with the stakeholders before a major decision.happened and we would like the American administration to hear it from us and we shall not be happy with this kind of position".

Clinton says controversies behind her; Trump begs to differ

In an interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe , the Democratic presidential nominee kept up her verbal assault on Trump's campaign, asserting that it is built on "prejudice and paranoia" and caters to a radical fringe of the Republican Party. Trump has tried recently to broaden his appeal to them, hinting at a softening of his hardline position on immigration. The Indiana governor, Conway and other surrogates said the main tenets of Trump's immigration plan still will include building a wall along ...

Election marathon down to the primary sprint

Then again, I was the ONLY voter at my precinct which was a bit alarming to me. This number includes the ballots that the early boards have processed through August 26, 2016. After months of town halls, attack ads and (not a little bit of) fundraising, the voters will decide which candidates will fill local offices and which partisan candidates will proceed to November's general election.

Roche's Zika test gets FDA Emergency Use Authorization

FDA first issued guidance on February 16 recommending that only areas with active Zika virus transmission screen donated blood and blood components for Zika virus, use pathogen-reduction devices, or halt blood collection and obtain blood and blood components from areas of the United States without active virus transmission.

Singapore reports 40 more locally transmitted Zika cases

Singapore in May reported the first imported case of Zika virus infection - a 48-year-old male Singapore resident who had traveled to Sao Paulo in Brazil earlier in the year. "We expect to identify more positive cases". According to Hilmi, more than 700 samples were taken since the spread of the Zika virus previous year but none were found positive with Zika.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe Sued By Hepatitis A Victims For Its Frozen Strawberries

According to the alert, the strain of Hepatitis A matched a strain of the virus isolated during previous outbreaks in frozen strawberries imported from Egypt. The hepatitis A virus affects the liver, and symptoms can emerge relatively slowly, from 15 to 50 days after infection. Attorney William D. Marler, speaking with the Richmond Times-Dispatch said of the lawsuits Thursday.

Zika spread through sex by man with no symptoms

Susan Stramer, Red Cross vice president of Scientific Affairs in a statement . Friday's announcement follows recent pressure from members of Congress urging FDA to expand Zika screening. Infection is a big concern for pregnant women. The most common symptoms of Zika are fever, rash, joint pain, and conjunctivitis or red eyes, according to health officials.

FDA Expands Zika Screening To All US Blood Centers

Peter Marks said there now is just too "much uncertainty" about the disease. Florida is the only USA state so far where infected mosquitoes are known to have transmitted the virus to people. "The Cobas Zika test is a blood-screening test for blood donations only", Roche spokesman Bob Purcell said. The new recommendation expands the guidance to all USA states and territories.

Drugs found at home of Prince were reportedly mislabelled

However, according to an official investigating the musician's death, almost two dozen pills found at his estate were falsely labeled as hydrocone, a weaker type of opioid. Prince Rogers Nelson was an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor. Prince died April 21 from an accidental overdose of painkillers .

Syria regime, Kurds agree truce after Russian mediation

Davis said there are a small group of US commandos in the area training and advising Syrian Democratic Forces fighting to oust President Assad . On Aug. The local partners, known as the Syrian Democratic Forces, are largely comprised of YPG fighters and the Syrian Arab Coalition. Pro-government forces, supported by overwhelming Russian air power, had managed to encircle rebels and some 300,000 civilians in the city's eastern quarters in July, leading the raise the concerns of ...