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Say hello to your new weather app, Facebook

It's available through both the desktop site and the mobile app , where it can be accessed via the hamburger menu. Facebook also told Perez it will introduce an option for users who want to receive weather notifications, adding that the feature is now being tested and slated for launch by the end of the month.

New sanctions on Iran announced by Trump administration

President Donald Trump campaigned on taking a tough line on Iran, and his administration is now reviewing the terms of the landmark nuclear deal the Obama administration and five other nations reached with Iran in 2015, according to USA officials.

Patrice Evra to Marseille: Latest Transfer Details, Comments and Reaction

Marseille said on its website Wednesday that Evra had signed an 18-month deal, giving no further details. He is also a five-time Premier League victor and had two championship medals with Juventus in Serie A. Evra, who began his career with Paris Saint-Germain, and also had spells with Monza and Nice, had joined Juve in July 2014 after making 379 appearances in eight years with the Red Devils.

TO doctors remove dying woman's diseased lungs to buy time for transplant

In April, Benoit was in an induced coma, on a ventilator and near death when her family gave doctors at Toronto General Hospital the go-ahead to remove her lungs, in an effort to bide time before a double-lung transplant. Niall Ferguson, head of critical care at the University Health Network, which includes Toronto General. "I told her, 'I don't want to go anywhere except home, I want to enjoy my home again'".

HP expands recall to more than 100000 batteries for possible overheating

They were also sold online at both and other online retailers. Considering there's only been a single report, it's nice to see HP erring on the side of safety. It should be noted that if your battery was one of those deemed not affected in the June 2016 recall, that might have changed so you should double check.

WINTER STORM: Heavy snow and sleet expected

The worst conditions are expected Monday night into Tuesday morning. "The combination of snow and sleet, which may be heavy at times, will continue through Tuesday morning". Either way, travel into Wyoming and Idaho will be impacted where Winter Storm Watches are now in effect. Mike Evans said this storm has been "quite a system", producing heavy snows and even causing tornadoes in the southeast.

Chopper Video Appears to Show Officers Kicking Accused Cop Killer During Arrest

Marketih Loyd has been charged with Clayton's murder and the killing of his pregnant girlfriend. Police released a video of his arrest on Thursday, which appears to show officers kicking him as they attempt to apprehend him, according to the Orlando Sentinel .

Rick Perry Deflects on Whether Energy Department Budget Cuts Coming

The former 15-year Texas Governor once famously forgot that the Energy Department was on the list of government agencies he would like to shut down. "Well, I think we found our " Saturday Night Live " sound bite", Mr. Perry said. But Perry will also need to avoid showing a preference for one type of fossil fuel over another.

Lamar Alexander: Dems fired 'gotcha' questions at Betsy DeVos

After Murphy pushed DeVos about why she can't say definitively whether they belong, DeVos brought up a story Sen. "For me, this was not just an issue of public policy, but of national injustice". Some onlookers including teachers around the nation have criticized DeVos for her ideas on public education. I think it is important for the person who is in charge of our financial aid programs to understand what it is like for students and their families who are struggling to pay for college.

Ex-teacher who got pregnant by student sentenced to 10 years

Alexandria Vera, 24, had admitted to having a sexual relationship with one of her 13-year-old students last year, and according to court records, the boy had apparently impregnated Vera, leading her to have an abortion. "If I was Alex, I'd be counting my blessings", she said. Vera said that the boy's parents approved of the illicit relationship. . Friday, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison, according to KPRC.

Health officials urge flu shots as millennials resist

This includes young children, people with underlying health conditions like asthma, diabetes or heart disease, pregnant women and people who are 65 and older. In the United States, millions of people have to visit the doctor because of flu and hundreds of thou¬sands are hospitalized from flu complications each year.

Drake, Jennifer Lopez dating rumors heat up

The speculations about Drake-JLo relationship started to spark when the rapper attended two of the "Feel the Light" singer's concerts in Las Vegas back-to back. Drake's prior relationship was rumored to be with Rihanna , whom he awkwardly kissed at the MTV Video Music Awards in August. Though they haven't given any statements, their Instagram pages seem to suggest that they are involved.

Social Isolation Can Adversely Affect Breast Cancer Survival

An global team of researchers studied the social habits of more than nine thousand women with breast cancer in the US and China. All were asked about their marital status, the number of friends and relatives they had and whether they were members of community groups.

Cyclone Vardah crosses Tamil Nadu coast

Airlines Spokesman Deepal Perera said that since flight operations at Chennai International Airport have been suspended due to severe weather, SriLankan Airlines had cancelled all its flights till Tuesday morning. Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu announced in evening that Andhra Pradesh was ready to extend all necessary help to neighbouring Tamil Nadu that bore the brunt of "Vardah".

Women who thinks positive live longer, says study

Women who look on the bright side of life cut their risk of many deadly diseases, according to researchers. Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that women with a sunny outlook were at a significantly lower risk of dying from a host of diseases like cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, and infection.

Fox reaches $14.2-bn preliminary deal to buy rest of Sky

Directors of Sky and 21st Century Fox had agreed to an offer price of 10.75 pounds per share and Sky's board would recommend acceptance to the firm's shareholders, Sky said in an announcement to the London Stock Exchange. He had been CEO of Sky, then known as BSkyB, from 2003 to 2007 and chairman from 2007 to 2012. Sky has 22 million customers across five European markets: Italy, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Surgeon General's Report Confirms Youth Should Not Use E-Cigarettes

The statistics on "vaping" mark a three-fold increase among the age group since 2013, and e-cigarette use is higher among high school students than adults, according to the report. But we know nicotine has harmful effects on the developing brain. "This report makes clear the importance of doing everything we can to decrease the use of e-cigarettes by young people and the need for regulation to accomplish that goal".

Trump picks fast food executive Andrew Puzder for Labor

Bush's cabinet, according to NBC News. "This new rule will simply add to the extensive regulatory maze the Obama Administration has imposed on employers, forcing many to offset increased labor expense by cutting costs elsewhere", Puzder wrote in Forbes earlier this year .

10-alarm fire burns buildings in Cambridge, Massachusetts

According to CBS News , the fire was reported just before 3 p.m. One of the burned buildings was a former church that had been converted into 20 units of affordable housing, Cambridge firefighters reported over their radios. "My family's owned these houses for nearly 100 years, and what do you do in a situation like this?" he said. Authorities said they have intentionally shut the power off in the affected neighborhood and it could remain out through Saturday night.

Prince Harry's wish to meet Rihanna has finally come true

Prince Harry of England has continued highlighting the importance of knowing your HIV status, after joining forces with singer Rihanna to take an on-camera finger-prick test. After the pricking, Rihanna teased the prince that the prick was not bad and he made it feel like it hurts. HIV counsellor Fabian Sargeant, who's also a social worker, cracked a joke about how it was apt that the celebrities were getting HIV tested in a barber shop, as it's normally the place where people spill the ...