Police shoot attacker at Israeli embassy in Turkey

Officials said security personnel thwarted his attempt by shooting him in the leg before he could enter the embassy. A police officer posted at the embassy in the Gaziosmanpasa district in the south of Ankara, opened fire, injuring the individual in the leg after he ignored repeated warnings by police to drop his weapon.

Back to school in Turkey after post-coup teacher purge

Critics have said that extending the state of emergency would give Erdogan a freer hand to limit or suspend freedoms, to bypass the parliament as well as taking swift measures against his opponents. Erdogan said no lasting peace could be achieved in Syria without removal of President Bashar al-Assad from power. Officials said not say how long the US special operations troops will work with the Turks and their Syrian opposition partners, but it appeared likely they will help with Turkish-led ...

United Nations says attacks on convoy continued despite pleas to stop

The Observatory was unable to confirm if the planes responsible were Syrian or Russian. The remarks suggested a more downbeat outlook after Kerry had insisted earlier in the day that the cease-fire was holding and that humanitarian goods had begun to flow into the area around Aleppo after days of delay.

Hillary Clinton's New Medical Report

Clinton's campaign released a new letter from her doctor Wednesday declaring her "fit to serve" as president and recovering well from her recent illness. Respondents also said by a margin of 54-37 that Trump was more transparent than Clinton. Trump showed up on the TV set with a one-page copy of his most recent physical for the taping of Thursday's Dr.

Man who threw ink at Sisodia sent to JC, moves bail plea

Refuting the allegation of the opposition that he was "holidaying" in Finland, Sisodia had on Saturday said it was not a "sin" to study the schooling system of other countries to fix the problems in Delhi's education system. This isn't the first time an Aam Aadmi Party leader has faced an ink attack. Sisodia had gone to meet Jung soon after returning from his visit to Finland.

How to restore your iPhone or iPad after the iOS 10 update

According to the company's official Twitter account , Apple is now working on an update for the affected phones and hopes to resolve the issue "within the next 48 hours". If you haven't updated to iOS 10 and want to do so, be sure to back it up first to prevent data loss. Based on the reports written here, we'll leave the decision to you as to whether to or not to update your iOS phones or tablets just yet with Apple's iOS 10 .

House Intel Committee Blasts Snowden as Disgruntled Worker, 'Serial Fabricator'

But according to the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, which has just completed a classified report on the case after two years of investigation, Edward Snowden was a "disgruntled employee who had frequent conflicts with supervisors".

Lord Kinnock: Labour won't win a general election again in my lifetime

Mr Corbyn is expected to see off a leadership challenge from Owen Smith in a special conference next Saturday before the regular Labour Party conference starts the following day. But Mr Balls insisted the responsibility for Labour's fortunes lay in the hands of Mr Corbyn. Mr Corbyn told MPs they had nothing to fear because he has a "big heart" and is "very friendly" as he continued his efforts to hold an olive branch out to his critics.

Obama, Netanyahu to meet Wednesday on sidelines of United Nations summit

Netanyahu vehemently opposed the Iran agreement. "Already during a telephone conversation between Obama and Netanyahu in April 2015, after the speech before Congress and after Lausanne, Obama offered to discuss not only the aid deal but also intelligence collaborations", explained the official.

SA papers: Kwaito star Mandoza has died

Tributes and condolence messages from fans and prominent public figures have been pouring in since the news of Mandoza's death emerged. Mandoza died in hospital on Sunday around midday. He released the album Nkalakatha in 2000, which won multi-platinum status. President Jacob Zuma has extended his deep felt condolences on the passing of music legend, and one of the pioneers of Kwaito music, Mduduzi "Mandoza" Tshabalala .

U.S. Says Coalition Airstrike Accidentally Hit Syrian Army Positions

Following the increasingly public divide between the U.S State Secretary John Kerry and Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter over the Syria agreement between Russian Federation and the U.S., President Barack Obama gathered top national security aids on Friday including his secretaries of state and defense - with the shaky ceasefire set to dominate a meeting ostensibly about countering DAESH.

Nicola Sturgeon Speaks About Her Experience Of Losing A Baby

She said: "There can be no doubt that Brexit raises afresh the issue of independence. and second, important that the issue of European Union membership is, the case for independence is about much more than that". "This is a half-billion pound vote of confidence in Scottish business, Scottish workers and the Scottish economy". "The UK that Scotland voted to stay part of has changed and so too have the arguments for and against independence", Sturgeon added.

Donald Trump releases medical information

Then Gupta asked why no paternity leave was included in the plan , and Ivanka Trump responded, essentially, that the plan is better than nothing. Employees at Trump hotels in NY and Miami, as well as at the billionaire's luxury Mar-a-Lago estate and club, also told the news site that they are not eligible for eight weeks of paid parental leave.

Japan, US to Drill in South China Sea

Inada said in a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington think tank, that Japan's increased engagement in the area, where Japan shares USA concerns about China's pursuit of extensive territorial claims, would include capacity building for coastal nations.

Diane James elected Ukip's new leader

She ended to applause by saying: "Mrs May you are watching the opposition party in waiting". "I said I want my country back", he said. UKIP saw its vote share in the 2015 general election soar to nearly 13 percent and the party topped European Parliament elections a year earlier.

Police in Ohio City Pledge Thorough Probe of Black Teen's Shooting

After police gave chase, Braxton said, the pair initially complied with police orders to get down, but then King "got up and ran". Pappas said the officer involved in the shooting is regarded as a "really, really good officer". A message seeking comment was left with the head of the police union representing Mason. Others are being sought, police said. At a news conference Kim Jacobs, the chief of police, displayed a picture of what she...

Brazil prosecutors file corruption charges against Lula

Prosecutors said in the indictment that after assuming power in 2003, Lula made a decision to create a structure to buy political support and created a "cushion" of illegal funds to fuel future campaigns for his Workers' Party. Despite the accusations against him, Lula remains a towering political figure in Brazil and the Workers' Party's preferred presidential candidate for the 2018 elections.

Bangladesh factory fire: At least 23 killed in Tongi

The four-storey factory building, located 20 kilometers north of the capital, collapsed hours after the fire broke out early Saturday. "We can not confirm whether any people are inside or not, but our priority is to rescue them if there is anyone inside", Mohammad Akhtaruzzaman, a fire department official at the site told Reuters .

Asselborn calls for Hungary exclusion from EU

Speaking to the German daily Die Welt , Jean Asselborn criticized Hungary for the way it has dealt with the refugee crisis, saying that such behavior should come with consequences. Meanwhile, Hungary is remaining steadfast in its position, and will hold a government-sponsored referendum on October 2, in which it will seek public support for rejecting European Union quotas to resettle refugees among member states.

Federal government halts work on part of pipeline project

Protests across the country brought in a small victory for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their many supporters when the USA government promised to temporarily halt all construction on government owned land. Tribal officials challenged the Army Corps of Engineers' decision to grant permits for Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners' $3.8 billion pipeline that is meant to carry oil from North Dakota to IL.