Trump Sticks With Colorado Mail Ballot Allegations In Greeley

He instead questioned whether people's mail-in ballots are being counted, and advised people on how they can get new ballots. "I have real problems with ballots being sent ", he said . Anderson said voters can easily check the status of their ballot online at , immediately learning whether a ballot they mailed was received at their county clerk's office.

Obama reveals rooms where he lives in White House

President Obama wants a "smooth transition" of social media between administrations. All of Obama's tweets and posts on other social media sites will be preserved in the National Archives Electronic Era Archives . The handle @POTUS will be made available to the 45th President of the United States on January 20. The incoming president, be it Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, will take over existing social media accounts, which will be scrubbed of all timeline content, but retain its ...

Kim Kardashian's Social Media Return Might Not Be What It Seems

Kardashian also shared another post from her website via her sister Kourtney Kardashian's page featuring home movies of the family from past Halloweens. Since her ordeal at the hand's of the armed gang in Paris , Kim has kept out of the spotlight. The queen of social media is back. But there are still steps Kardashian can take in order to ensure her own safety, along with the safety of her family.

Paul Ryan Faces Precarious Path to Remain House Speaker

U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan predicted four years rife with scandal if Democrat Hillary Clinton is elected president. The Hill is also reporting that conservativeHouse Republicans are deeply divided on keeping Ryan, but Donald Trump could be the wild card that mobilizing an opposition effort to the Speaker, "The businessman has repeatedly criticized Ryan's leadership and was stung after the Speaker said he would not longer defend Trump after a 2005 tape emerged in which the GOP nominee ...

Christian militia joins anti-ISIS offensive in Mosul

Turkey is keen to join anti-Daesh operations directly or indirectly with the Sunni Arab forces it trained at the Bashiqa camp near Mosul , which caused a verbal row between Ankara and Baghdad, the latter accusing Turkish forces of trespassing into Iraqi territory.

Clinton runs up campaign cash advantage over Trump

His tone shifted once he entered the general election against Clinton, the Democratic nominee. Band wrote the 2011 memo to defend his firm, Teneo, describing how he encouraged his clients to contribute to the foundation and provide consulting and speaking gigs for Bill Clinton.

Health law consumers face least choice in program's history

An Associated Press analysis of data compiled by Avalere Health, a health care consulting company, shows that some of the 440,000 Pennsylvania consumers who buy insurance through will face some of the highest premium increases in the nation.

Syrian opposition launches Aleppo offensive to break Assad's siege

More than 1,500 rebels from the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib to the west are attacking regime-controlled districts of the city along a front stretching for 15 kilometres (nine miles), it said. This still image taken from undated video, posted online by the communications arm of Ahrar al-Sham militant group, purports to show a dead Syrian soldier, in an Assad neighborhood of Aleppo , Syria.

Don't forget the clocks go back this weekend

Check you have your "Date and Time" settings for "Set Automatically" turned on and it's best to update your iOS too. An easy way to remember whether the clocks go forward or back is to use the old saying - spring forward, fall back. At least you'll enjoy one extra hour in bed tonight. In April 1916 Daylight Saving Time was introduced as an economic wartime measure. He published a pamphlet called "The Waste of Daylight" in a bid to get people out of bed earlier by changing the nation's ...

Bill Clinton returning to Ohio for Hillary Clinton campaign

The aides called that part of the operation "Bill Clinton Inc." and estimated they raised $3 million in fees for the ex-president and arranged deals that would pay him as much as $66 million in future years. The former president also will campaign on behalf of his wife in Cleveland on Saturday and appears headed for Cincinnati , as well. The Clinton campaign on Friday demanded that the Federal Bureau of Investigation release more details about the emails.

Rebels in Aleppo attack, Putin cautious on new Russian raids

The city has been divided for years between the government-held western sector and rebel-held east, which the army and its allies put under siege this summer and where they launched a new offensive in September that medics say has killed hundreds.

SC raps Centre over judges appointments, says can't let you scuttle system

Earlier, the Centre had on 14 September told the apex court that there was "no blame game" or "logjam" in appointments and transfer of judges for higher judiciary but blamed the high courts for "pretty much delaying" in starting the process.

Australian Red Cross data breach biggest in country's history

She claimed that IDCARE , an identity & cyber support service, estimated that the breach is of low risk for any misuse in the future. Chris Culnane, a University of Melbourne programming languages and human-computer interaction expert, said it was worth pointing out that those who completed the Red Cross online questionnaire had done so so before filling out their personal details.

Community raises thousands for Canberra family affected by Dreamworld tragedy

From the day Simon Araghi held his little baby brother Roozi in his arms, the two were inseparable."There are so many memories from when he was born to when we lost him", Simon said on Thursday, battling tears.Canberra couple Luke Dorsett and Roozi Araghi were described as wonderful people who were full of life.

GfK Poll: Clinton appears on cusp of commanding victory

Indicative of her support in the southern regions of the state, she also lead among non-white voters who favored her by 33 percent. More Republicans now think Democrat Hillary Clinton will win the presidency than Donald Trump, as their party's candidate struggles with difficulties including allegations of sexual misconduct and his suggestion he may not honor the outcome of the election.

Turkey issues warrants for 73 pilots linked to Gulen

The decrees that were passed down in this context have removed important human rights safeguards, according to the report "A Blank Check: Turkey's Post-Coup Suspension of Safeguards Against Torture". However, a state of emergency does not give the government carte blanche to suspend rights, Human Rights Watch said. These fears are not unfounded.

Obama speaks with Turkey's president about ISIL fight

The PKK, which is based in Turkey and Iraq, is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union and Turkey. The White House said Obama and Erdogan "affirmed their strong support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq", touching on a particularly sore point for Baghdad, which has accused Turkey of violating its borders.

Clinton: Donald Trump Is "Threatening Our Democracy"

His resistance, threatening to undermine the essence of American democracy, was roundly rejected by fellow Republicans. Campaign officials stress they are not taking the outcome of the election for granted. He has not offered evidence, and numerous studies have shown that the US election system, which is decentralized and run by the states, is sound. The GOP nominee recalled the 2000 presidential election when the race between then-Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov.

David Duke gets debate slot in La. Senate race

When Duke heard that he had qualified for the U.S. Senate debate, he was thrilled but also concerned about security at the event. Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke talks to the media at the Louisiana Secretary of State's office after registering his candidacy for the November 8 ballot as a Republican in Baton Rouge, La .

Military demands more funds in 2017 to counter growing NK threats

Seoul's foreign ministry said Monday that it was notified by the Chinese Foreign Ministry of Liu's visit to North Korea and that the objective was to "focus on discussing issues between China and North Korea". SEOUL-North Korean coal prices have surged by 40% in value recently, boosting funds for Pyongyang's advancing nuclear program and undermining USA -led efforts to force it into talks by choking its finances.