No charges for teacher who was removed from Vermilion school board meeting

During the public portion comment of the Vermilion Parish School Board's meeting, English teacher Deyshia Hargrave spoke up. Board president Anthony Fontana ruled Hargrave "out of order" after she posed several questions - and it was not a question-and-answer period.

Trump's tone on immigration deal pleases Schumer

Hoyer said Trump himself mentioned fences and technology. "I've never seen the activists push so hard against a deal", said Eddie Vale, a Democratic activist coordinating immigrants' rights efforts on Capitol Hill. But since the Dems are going to the wall to get DACA approved, Trump upped the stakes when he demanded other immigration enforcement measures be included along with DACA legislation, including funding for the president's border wall - a provision that enrages the Dems base as much ...

Olympics keeping door open for North Korea

As for Trump's tweet, she said, "I think that he always has to keep Kim on his toes". It appeared to be a softening of rhetoric, given that Trump lectured Secretary of State Rex Tillerson past year that it would be a waste of time "trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man", Trump's nickname for Kim.

SC agrees to revisit order banning gay sex

The law promises that the state government will not punish people who refuse to provide services to people because of a religious opposition to same-sex marriage, extramarital sex or transgender people. Underlining the need to bring them into the mainstream, the verdict by a bench of Justices KS Radhakrishnan and AK Sikri said transgenders should have all rights under the law, including marriage, adoption, divorce, succession, and inheritance.

The Weeknd dumps H&M after monkey sweatshirt ad

In a statement , H&M said it agreed with those who were "upset about the image". "We believe in diversity and inclusion in all that we do and will be reviewing all our internal policies accordingly to avoid any future issues". "I'm deeply offended and will not be working with @hm anymore", he wrote. And that's that on that. "This is how we should represent our men as kings thank you!", one person said, while another added: "Yaaass, you're so, you're so, you're so AWESOME!" At the time ...

Pakistan Says Alliance With US Is Over

With the gloves now off it must be noted that none of the monies earmarked for coalition support funding in the 2017 fiscal year has been paid to Pakistan - what you never had you do not miss. However, aid suspension would not hinder Pakistan's efforts to counter terrorism and extremism. It was clear that the U.S. state department had not even decided on the exact quantum of aid that would be cut before it went public.

White House requests $13bn to build Trump's border wall

President Trump has been speaking a lot about border security recently. The $18 billion would expand the physical barrier on the US-Mexico border from its current 654 miles to almost 1,000 miles-about half of the total border. The Customs and Border Protection document calls for a total of $33 billion in new border spending, including $18 billion for the wall, $5.7 billion for technology gear, $1 billion for road construction and maintenance and $8.5 billion for 5,000 new Border Patrol ...

North Korea And South Korea Officially Agree To Hold High-Level Talks

Tillerson said how such talks might begin had yet to be determined, but North Korea would have to signal it understood that they would be aimed at "final, full denuclearization". Later he said, "In terms of whether it's a one-off (gesture) from him or a real olive branch, I don't know". Mr Kim hasn't yet shown he's willing to freeze his weapons tests, as United States officials have demanded.

Anadolu Agency: Turkey gets 'tired' of European Union membership process: Erdogan

Fethullah Gulen, a US -based preacher, is accused by Ankara of orchestrating the coup attempt. In his remarks at the joint news conference, Macron said "two-facedness" in Turkey-EU ties should come to an end. "Democracies must fully respect the rule of law", Macron warned Erdogan. The visit to France will be Erdogan's first since the botched July 2016 putsch and one of only a handful to Europe since the attempted army takeover.

One tourist killed, 12 injured in hot-air balloon crash in Egypt

Luxor governor Mahmoud Badr confirmed the incident, adding that he visited the injured tourists who are now being treated at hospital, according to the BBC , citing AFP . Hot air balloon rides were temporarily suspended in Egypt in 2016 after a crash landing led to the injuries of 22 Chinese tourists. The deadly incident in 2013 was the result of an explosion mid-flight and involved tourists from the UK, France, Hong Kong and Japan.

Franken Officially Resigns from Senate

Bachmann, who represented a Minnesota district in the House for eight years, said on "The Jim Bakker Show" that people were urging her to run, and that she was waiting for a sign from God as to whether she should enter the race. She is expected to run in November's special election. Also announcing she will run this year is Sen. "My husband and I aren't money people", she said, "If you're a billionaire, maybe you can defend yourself".

Trump accuses Justice Department of being part of the 'deep state'

Trump's tweet about Abedin came not long after "Fox and Friends" promoted a report from the conservative news website the Daily Caller on Abedin's email use. The emails were found on the laptop of Abedin's now-estranged husband, Anthony Weiner, and were released as part of a public records request. "She would use these accounts if her (State) account was down or if she needed to print an email or document", an Federal Bureau of Investigation report read.

Teen killed parents, sister, family friend with assault rifle, cops say

The shots rang out just before midnight Sunday. He will be charged with four counts of murder and possession of a weapon for an unlawful objective, reported NBC Channel 4 . Officials say police recovered a semi-automatic rifle at the home, which was legally owned and registered to the address where the shooting happened.

Donald Trump slams Pakistan for 'lies', 'deceit'

Lawmakers and former government officials have praised Trump for his approach to the protests in Iran. Of foremost concern is Islamabad's attitude toward the powerful Haqqani network, accused of some of the most lethal attacks on United States forces in Afghanistan and dubbed by America's former top military officer Mike Mullen as a "veritable arm" of Pakistani intelligence.

Instagram's Feed Now Offers "Recommended" Posts

The social media app will now be showing users recommended posts in their feed - a feature that will suggest posts based on those that have been liked by other accounts you follow. Recently, Instagram has been focused on broadening access to posts and content beyond accounts that users follow. However, there is one fundamental difference between the hashtag feature and the new " recommended posts " feature.

12 die in NY fire started by 3-year-old

Firefighters, already on the scene, helped her into a ladder to safety. "I lost my angel baby and my bestfriend; my mother". She expressed regret at the tragedy and said the Foreign Ministry was working with the Jamaican Consulate in NY to get details on the deaths.

Storm Dylan to hit the county on Saturday and Sunday

The weather warning was issued by the Met Office on Friday morning. The Status Yellow alert is also valid for Offaly and Kilkenny. Mean wind speeds of 50 to 65km/h are forecast, with gusts of up to 100km/h. The south of Ireland however may have more prolonged periods of rainfall through the day, according to Met √Čireann . It was issued at 9am today and runs from 9pm on Saturday December 30 until 6am on Sunday, December 31.

Soccer star George Weah wins Liberian presidential election

Johnson Sirleaf, Africa's first elected female leader, is set to step down after serving 12 years. Mrs Sirleaf defeated Mr Weah in the presidential election run-off in 2005, after the end of a brutal civil war. The failure of any candidate to secure an outright majority forced the run-off. The senator of Montserrado County - once named Fifa World Player and victor of the much coveted Ballon d'or - defeated his 73-year-old opponent Vice President Joseph Boakai in a landslide victory in ...

Woman Accused of Destroying $300K Worth of Art at Tony Buzbee's House

But when Buzzbee called his date an Uber to take her home, she hid in his house and wouldn't leave, KHOU reports . And now a Dallas woman faces a felony criminal charge for wrecking $300,000 worth of paintings and sculptures in his River Oaks home last weekend.

Trump Loses Most Admired Man Title to Predecessor

Other women on the most admired list include Oprah Winfrey , Elizabeth Warren , Angela Merkel , Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, and current first lady Melania Trump . Lyndon B. Johnson was finishing up his time in office. Concluding the national security strategy address that he delivered earlier this month, President Trump described his foreign policy aim "to celebrate American greatness as a shining example to the world".