Donald Trump's Tribute To John McCain Called Out By Fox News Analyst

On August 24, the McCain family released a statement announcing that the politician would be ending his treatment after over a year. Following the senator's death, Trump posted a tweet that offered his "deepest sympathies and respect" to McCain's family but made no mention of McCain's storied service in the military and in the Senate .

Why Australia has had 6 prime ministers in the last 8 years

New Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (pictured) had his first phone call with US President Donald Trump on Saturday. Turnbull did not stand for re-election and said afterwards he would be resigning from his parliamentary seat. One minister was so disillusioned with the push to oust Turnbull that he took to Twitter to apologize to the Australian people. "I'm sorry. You deserve better than numerous things our Federal Parliament has served up to you for the past 10 years", wrote ...

US warns Russia it will 'not tolerate' election meddling

A second round is due to take effect on November 4, targeting oil, shipping, and the Iranian Central Bank, where Trump has vowed to bring Iran's vital oil exports to zero. Germany called on Tuesday for Europe to set up payment systems independent of the USA if it wants to save the Iran nuclear agreement . If Iran is threatened , it could also strike Israeli cities with missiles, said the elite corps.

Pakistan bans first-class air travel by PM, president, govt officials

As per Pakistan's Foreign Office, Pompeo, while discussing other issues of interest had only congratulated Imran Khan. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is supposed to visit Pakistan in September. "They had a good call", she said at a press briefing. This response comes after Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Dr. Mohammad Faisal rejected the statement issued by the U.S.

Manafort juror said one holdout 'exasperated' others with her logic

She also claims at times the prosecution seemed uninterested in the proceedings. Duncan told Fox News that she supports the president but documentary evidence against Manafort in the 16-day trial had proved overwhelming. "I think that they used Manafort to try to get the dirt on Trump or hoping that he would flip on Trump", she said. Paul Manafort , former campaign chairman for President Trump , leaves a federal courthouse in Washington in April.

Manafort Jury Deliberations Reach Third Day

On Friday, Trump issued a fresh defense of Manafort and called him a "very good person". He also subsequently faced accusations of lying to banks to secure $20 million in loans after his Ukrainian income dried up. Ellis made the announcement during an audience at a federal court while the jury was deliberating for a second day on Manafort's 18 charges of tax and banking fraud.

White House counsel reported to be cooperating extensively with Mueller probe

A source close to the president told Reuters on Saturday the extent of McGahn's cooperation was "a tactical or strategic mistake" instigated by Trump's first legal team and it should not have been allowed to happen because McGahn should have been covered by executive privilege.

New Omarosa tape: Lara Trump tried to buy silence with campaign job

Four audio tapes into Omarosa Manigault Newman's book and publicity tour, White House aides are now fearful she has as many as 200 of them stashed away that she can brandish to try to punch back at critics. If Omarosa "is the one to get some traction on people seeing how truly raggedy this administration is enough to take action... we should reconsider letting her get a to-go plate from the cookout".

More Than 340 Papers Publish Anti-Trump Editorials

On Thursday morning, Trump again took to Twitter to denounce "fake news". The US Senate unanimously adopted a non-binding resolution on Thursday, affirming the "vital and indispensable role" played by the news media and declared, "the press is not the enemy of the people ".

GOP lawmaker: Russian meddling fanned the flames in Charlottesville

A auto then plowed into a group of the counter-protesters, killing one woman, Heather Heyer , and injuring 19 others. Restaurants in downtown Washington, D.C., are taking precautions for the " Unite the Right 2" white supremacist rally planned for Sunday, with some planning to close for the weekend and others educating their staffs on handling hard customers.

Romanian police use tear gas to disperse protest

Riot police fired tear gas and water cannons to quell protesters. "In a European state, attacking innocent people, attacking journalists, attacking women and children is inconceivable", he said Monday, calling for a thorough investigation into police brutality during the anti-government protest.

Famed Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Loves The Space Force

Shortly after Pence's speech , Trump tweeted: "Space Force all the way!" A report outlining the results of the study will be released later today. That said , Congress doesn't appear to share Trump's and Pence's enthusiasm for a Space Force.

Turkey Warns the USA about Danger of Losing Strategic Partner

The United States slapped sanctions on two Turkish officials earlier this month over a detained American pastor who is being tried on espionage and terror-related charges. The pastor has been held since 2016, charged with " committing crimes on behalf of terror groups without being a member", a reference to Kurdish separatists and a group that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blames for a failed 2016 coup attempt against him.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tweeted That She Will Not Debate Ben Shapiro

Despite this, United States news outlets have not called the contest yet. He pointed to his June poll of likely November voters that showed 57 percent were extremely interested in the election and extremely motivated to vote, but among Democratic women it was 67 percent.

North Korea threatens to stall denuclearization in warning to US

A statement from the nation's Foreign Ministry said that following President Trump's June summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un , the North has worked to improve relations between the two countries and "make active contributions to peace, security, and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula and over the world".

Forensic Accountant Next Up in Manafort Trial as Gates Ends Testimony

Rick Gates , the government's star witness who wrapped up his testimony Wednesday, implicated Manafort and himself in financial crimes while also enduring stinging attacks on his credibility and character. "It actually kind of shows in real time the course of months of investigation where they painstakingly did a jigsaw puzzle of records", former USA prosecutor Harry Litman said of Magionos' testimony.

How M Karunanidhi became Kalaignar | Life and time of the DMK patriarch

The funeral is due to take place on Wednesday (Aug 8) and the state government has declared a seven-day mourning period. CHENNAI :Dr. M Karunanidhi passed away at 94 on Tuesday. On July 27, 1969, M. Karunanidhi was elected as the president of DMK. Karunanidhi penned screenplays and dialogues for over 50 movies. The Press Trust of India news agency said a security alert had been sounded across the state, bearing in mind the outbreaks of violence in the past over the deaths of popular ...

California wildfires become largest CA history

Two blazes mercilessly charring northern California have grown so rapidly that they became the U.S. state's largest in recorded history Monday, authorities said. According to a statement from Cal Fire , full containment is expected on September 1. McLean and fire experts say it's impossible to surround a fire that large, especially with 17 other major fires requiring attention in the state.

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Canada affecting worldwide students in the Maritimes

The displaced Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia, who was given 24 hours to leave the country, has a lengthy diplomatic career. Canada said it was " seriously concerned " by the escalation but vowed to continue to "stand up for human rights in Canada and around the world".

Denmark hands out first fine under controversial 'burqa ban'

Veiled women take part in a demonstration against the veil ban. The other woman was also charged with disturbing the peace. The controversial ban was met with resistance when it came into effect on Wednesday this week. Both women have been charged for fighting in public, but the Muslim woman was also fined for failing to obey the new law. Human rights campaigners have slammed the ban as a violation of women's rights, while supporters argue it enables better integration of Muslim ...