Mexican drug cartel targeting Australia

Someone's in TONNES of trouble! A violent Mexican cartel is one of several targeting Australia's drug market, say local and global police who busted a record $1 billion haul of ice headed to the country. ( Australian Federal Police ) Police have seized a record amount of drugs bound for Australia. We now believe that Mexican cartels are actively targeting Australia'.

Jeff Bezos BLASTS ‘National Enquirer’ Over Alleged D**k Pic Extortion Plan!

Bezos , the Board has convened and determined that it should promptly and thoroughly investigate the claims". It says it'll take "whatever appropriate action is necessary". And the investigator, Gavin de Becker , looked into whether Pecker's National Inquirer is influence-peddling for Saudi Arabia for some sort of quid pro quo.

Exploding e-cigarette kills 24-year-old Texas man

She said Brown had purchased a vape pen from Smoke and Vape DZ, but shop employees told CBS 11 News the man didn't purchase anything from the store. William Brown died two days after the January 27 explosion, which sent shrapnel into his neck and skull. She was told the battery caused the explosion.

Refugee pleads for Thailand to not send him to Bahrain:The Asahi Shimbun

Araibi , who fled Bahrain in 2014 before being granted permanent residence in Australia , where he played for Melbourne's Pascoe Vale soccer club, was arrested on an Interpol notice issued at Bahrain's request. The detention of a recognised refugee such as Hakeem sends the message to the world that Thailand is "not safe for refugees", said Human Rights Watch's Phil Robertson .

5 dead after plane crashes into Southern California home

The debris field spanned about four blocks, he said. "And then all of a sudden boom". Two people were confirmed dead, the Orange County Fire Authority reported . He said: "I was about two miles away and likely in the flight path of the plane". This footage shows smoke rising and flames leaping from the site of the crash.

Trump's Words on Intervention Proves US Sponsoring Venezuela Crisis - Morales

The United States , Canada and several Latin American countries have disavowed Maduro over his disputed re-election past year and recognized self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido as the country's rightful leader. The situation has always been denounced by the opposition and Guaido stunned the world on January 23 when he declared himself acting president at a rally, declaring Maduro's presidency "illegitimate" and founded on flawed elections.

Speaker Pelosi: No wall money in US border deal talks

While the president is expected to focus on immigration, the caustic subject that brought much of the government to a standstill, Trump will also touch on his trade conflict with China and his renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which he wants the Democratic House to approve, the official said .

Maduro proposes holding congressional elections early in speech to supporters

Opposition supporters take part in a rally against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government in Caracas, Venezuela February 2, 2019. The ruling Socialist party celebrates the 20th anniversary of the rise to power of Hugo Chavez, Maduro's deceased predecessor, on Saturday.

Groundhog Day 2019 Prediction: Will Punxsutawney Phil See His Shadow?

It may be hard to believe as a large swath of the US thaws out from a bitter polar vortex , but spring is coming early, according to handlers for some of the country's most famous prognosticating groundhogs. Legend has it that Phil is the only Pennsylvania groundhog to have predicted winter's length, though the lifespan of a groundhog is around just six years.

Russia suspends nuclear arms treaty after U.S. says to pull out

The United States withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty on Friday, accusing Russian Federation of violating it. The Russian president's comment comes after on 1 March previous year Putin said during his annual address to the Russian upper house that Moscow had developed a number of strategic weapons, including Avangard and Kinzhal hypersonic missile systems, underwater drone Poseidon and laser weapon Peresvet.

Trump slams United States intelligence chiefs as 'passive and naive' on Iran

Trump has invested heavily in improving relations with North Korea in hopes of getting the reclusive communist nation to abandon its nuclear ambitions. As for Iran, Central Intelligence Agency director Gina Haspel told the hearing that the country is still abiding by the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal despite Trump's decision to withdraw previous year, claiming Tehran had broken it.

Steve Martin lands Roger Stone role on ‘SNL’s’ latest White House parody

It alleges that an unidentified senior Trump campaign official was "directed" to keep in contact with Stone about when stolen emails relating to Clinton might be disclosed. Describing the police raid of Stone's NY and Florida homes, Colbert said it was actually quite easy for authorities to locate his Harlem residence because it's the "only evil lair" in the neighbourhood.

Trump associate Stone arrested, faces obstruction charge

While the arrest came as a part of US Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe into alleged collusion between Donald Trump and Russia , Stone stands accused of a bunch of process crimes . The charges mark the first time the Trump campaign has been publicly tied to WikiLeaks by Mueller's team and add to pressure on the president as the newly installed Democratic majority in the House of Representatives plans to step up investigations of him.

Draft framework for Afghan peace 'agreed'

However, they have held four rounds of talks with the United States since previous year. Before U.S. forces intervened after the September 11, 2001, attacks, the Taliban controlled the country through a brutal and oppressive regime . "We want peace, we want it fast but we want it with a plan", Ghani continued Monday. However, there is still no accord on a timetable for a USA withdrawal or a ceasefire - major issues on which previous attempts at negotiations have foundered.

Michael Cohen delays testimony to Congress, says Donald Trump threatening his family

Cohen wishes to thank Chairman Cummings for allowing him to appear before the House Oversight Committee and looks forward to testifying at the appropriate time ". In a Fox News interview Trump said Cohen "should give information maybe on his father-in-law, because that's the one that people want to look at", and has tweeted other similar remarks.

Light snow showers possible this weekend — FORECAST

A weak disturbance passes through the area today, bringing a chance of light snow or flurries in the afternoon. Temperatures should recover into the 40s tomorrow once the precipitation clears the region. and 11 p.m. Environment Canada is calling for an overnight low of -15 and a wind chill of -23 Friday night. Highs on Wednesday should be only around 30, and could struggle to reach 20 on Thursday when the core of the arctic blast arrives.

Missing boy, 3, found alive in North Carolina

Casey Hathaway was found and taken to a nearby hospital late Thursday night, authorities said . Breanna Hathaway , who identified herself as Casey's aunt, said the boy told the family he was with a bear for two days. Craven County Sheriff's Deputies responded within minutes and the search has only grown since then. Some volunteers had to be turned away because of the hard conditions search teams are facing.

Russian Federation tells Israel: No more arbitrary airstrikes in Syria

The Syrian Centre for Human Rights in London reported the number of people killed in the IDF attack had risen to at least 21 with 12 being identified as members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corp. Recently-retired IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot acknowledged earlier this month that over the past several years, Israel had dropped thousands of bombs on Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria .

Kamala Harris "I’m Running For President" Future of Democracy Is At Stake

She hopes she can build momentum heading into the SC primary, where she has a strong chance if she is able to consolidate the African-American vote that dominates the Democratic primary electorate. Other possible contenders include Sens. If you look at Warren's last Senate campaign , as Nathaniel Rakich recently did for FiveThirtyEight , and compare her performance to Hillary Clinton's in 2016, she looks stronger in "Obama-Trump" regions of the state - relatively downscale white towns in ...

Sen. Kamala Harris jumps into presidential race

As a California district attorney and later as the state's attorney general, Harris frequently opposed or ignored criminal justice reform measures aimed at levelling a playing field critics say is unfairly tilted against black defendants, the former director of the Loyola Law School Project for the Innocent wrote last week in the New York Times .