BlackBerry Hamburg manufactured by TCL gets Wi-Fi Certified

Today's piece of news is that the next BlackBerry Hamburg will be built by TCL, a Chinese company that manufactures Alcatel-branded smartphones. Mr. This falls in line with the specs previously surfaced on GFXBench for the BlackBerry Hamburg . Hamburg will be manufactured by Alcatel. The model number on the listed device made by TCL is STH100-2, which is also striking, since the BlackBerry Priv's model number is STV100-1.

Google's VR Expeditions Now Open To Everyone

The new system for getting Expeditions up and running has reportedly been streamlined considerably. It's called Google Cast for Education , and it's a Chrome web app that lets students and teachers beam content to a central display to share their work with the whole class.

Coastal Carolina beats TCU 7-5, to face Arizona in finals

The Chanticleers extended their lead to 3-0 in the third inning. Tech scored two runs in the seventh off a Hunter Hargrove sacrifice fly and a Michael Davis RBI single to make it 7-5 before Coastal reliever Bobby Holmes registered a strikeout to strand two runners.

Apple confirms iOS kernel code left unencrypted intentionally

On the contrary, the possibility of Apple taking a U-turn and encrypting the kernel with iOS 10 final release can not be ruled out. The latest iOS 10 features have been widely explained and listed but one mistake that seems to be a huge thing, is that the iOS 10 does not have its Kernel encrypted.

Chicago mayor says Lucas museum will go to another city

The group argued the museum would be an eyesore on the waterfront and that it violated public use policy governing development on the shore of Lake Michigan. George Lucas , the famed creator of "Star Wars", has been searching for a permanent home for his Star Wars art collection. "The actions initiated by Friends of Parks and their recent attempts to extract concessions from the city have effectively overridden approvals received from numerous democratically elected bodies of government".

Google Fiber Buys Webpass to Help With U.S. Expansion

Without the aid of venture capital, the small upstart says, it has grown to "tens of thousands" of customers in five metro areas: the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Miami, and San Diego. Webpass offers speeds between 100Mbps and 1Gbps to business and residential customers. Webpass operates its own gigabit network and, aside from boosting the presence of Google Fiber's network, it will also help the company get into the business and residential markets where taking on established and incumbent ...

Texas woman woke up with British accent after surgery

Still, she is pursuing speech therapy in the hope she can regain her usual way of speaking. "I said, 'Doctor, is this normal for her voice?' And he said, 'It'll go away in a couple of days, '" Richard Alamia said. The condition is frequently a effect of head trauma or stroke, but not always. The cause is often unknown, but it has been linked to strokes, head injuries and psychiatric conditions.

Dem congressman offers resignation after conviction

Paul Ryan, on Thursday. Even if Fattah had not been convicted, his term in Congress was still nearing its end, as lost the April primary for his Congressional seat. Fattah's undoing largely stemmed from his decision to join the Philadelphia mayor's race in 2007. But leadership said Thursday that he will no longer try to remain.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 To Only Feature a Curved Display Model

According to the reports , the South Korean giant is expected to combine the 4K screen with the Galaxy VR headset to provide an overwhelming user experience to the smartphone owners. It's unknown whether Samsung plans to integrate the feature into flagship phones like the Galaxy Note 7. As reported in Techno Buffalo , calling it Galaxy Note 7 might also help Samsung become hot in the competition with Apple's upcoming iPhone 7.

5 best platforms to take an Android development course

Google wants more people to know that if they have an app idea, they can create it themselves, says Katherine Kuan, developer advocate for Google . After that, students will progress to making their own app that teaches Miwok tribe vocabulary words, and finally an app that concerns itself with recent earthquakes.

Gold Falls Over 1% As Brexit Campaign Seen Losing Steam

Surveys gauging the likelihood of a Brexit have been volatile, with polls in early June showing gains in the pro-leave camp driving investors into assets perceived as safe, including gold, bonds and the Japanese yen. Bullion extended losses after US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said global risks and a US hiring slowdown warrant a cautious approach to raising interest rates.

NIH Begins Large Study of Pregnant Women in Zika-Hit Area

Rio, which will host the Games this summer, has more recorded cases than any other state in the country prompting the World Heath Organisation (WHO) to advise pregnant women against travelling to the country. The department established reporting procedures with healthcare facilities around Louisiana in January, and emergency response teams are in place in the event of an outbreak.

Tumblr adds live video, partners with YouTube

While the video will be streaming on a separate website, the actual footage will be view-able directly from within the Tumblr application without any additional software. Additionally, Tumblr is working with an array of media partners and organizations to live stream content and events, including MTV, Mashable , The Huffington Post , Refinery29 and Time Out .

Athletes cleared for Rio will compete under Russian flag - IOC

WADA President Craig Reedie said Monday that the agency has started investigating allegations of doping by the Russian and Chinese swimming teams. "Today we're ready for all experiments and we're ready to be open". "All members of our team who are getting prepared for Rio comply with the IAAF criteria". In its final action point, the International Olympic Committee also agreed to request that WADA convenes an "Extraordinary World Conference on Doping" in 2017.

Twitter Engage offers a solution to celeb harassment

The social networking platform has also announced plans to test longer video formats for its companion app Vine, which now limits footage to six seconds. The app, which is available today in the app store , also enables influencers to track post-by-post performance for videos, GIFs, images, and other Twitter activity.

Activists say 8 Syrians killed trying to cross into Turkey

The Observatory notes that this is not the first time Syrians trying to cross the border have been shot and killed by Turkish border guards. SOHR, which relies on a network of activists inside Syria, said at least one person had died, with many more injured.

Thousands Protest Over Military Bases In Japan

Teruya pointed out as the U.S. -Japan Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) gives U.S. troops immunity from Japanese prosecution, the American soldiers have nothing to fear, believing that they'll get away from any crime they commit once they are inside the bases.

Donald Glover Returns to Music, Preps for September Release

But the multi-talented actor and comedian hasn't forgotten about his hip-hop alter-ego Childish Gambino . When the timer hit zero, an announcement of a three-day festival at California's Joshua Tree National Park was revealed. Last Friday, June 17, Childish Gambino beamed out application coordinates for an unusual journey. See screengrabs from the PHAROS app, which is available here and also features some eerie background music, below.

Fastest supercomputer entirely made in China

It produced a relatively small supercomputer in 2011 that relied on homegrown processors, but its big systems continued to rely on USA processors. But they used Intel processing chips, so it didn't really count as a national win. On the other hand, China utilized the majority of its wealth in constructing its own supercomputers named Arm and Alpha super processors. The Sunway TaihuLight system demonstrates the significant progress that China has made in designing and manufacturing ...

Summer solstice, full moon coincide Monday for first time since 1948

The last time a full moon and summer solstice coincided was back in 1948. All community members are welcome to join in this Earth centered Solstice celebration. Because the sun is at its peak this time of year, Native American tribes would perform a sun dance around a ceremonial tree. There will be over 15 hours of daylight in the northern hemisphere! The monument, which is estimated to have been built around 5,000 years ago, is perfectly aligned to show the rising sun pierce through the ...