Power outages near 800000 as Florence rocks the Carolina coast

A gust of 170kph was recorded at Wilmington airport, surpassing the power of Hurricane Fran two decades ago. A mother and baby were killed when a tree fell on a house, according to a tweet from Wilmington police. More than 1.7 million people in Virginia, North and SC were told to evacuate ahead of Florence's arrival. Federal and local officials have warned for days for residents in the storm's path in the Carolinas to make preparations for the hurricane and heed evacuation orders.

Tropical storm Florence dumps metres of rain on Carolinas

Evacuation warnings were issued for 1.7 million people in the region. The storm traveled from east to west across the north of Luzon. Colleen Roberts, city public information officer for the area, told BBC World News more than 4,000 homes had been "destroyed or completely damaged" there, based on calls they had received for emergency services.

Storm Florence: The impact in numbers

Florence peaked at a terrifying Category 4 with top winds of 140 mph (225 kph) over warm ocean water before making landfall as a Category 1 hurricane at 7:15 Wrightsville Beach, a few miles (kilometers) east of Wilmington and not far from the SC line.

Hurricane Florence seen maintaining strength as it approaches coast: NHC

Others could only wait and hope someone would come for them. About 9,700 National Guard troops and civilians have been deployed, with high-water vehicles, helicopters and boats. At the Wilmington airport, the wind was measured at 105 miles per hour - the highest since 1958, Cooper said. Airlines cancelled more than 2,100 flights through Sunday.

Tropical Storm Isaac nearing hurricane strength

The governor held a press conference Sunday afternoon alongside state emergency response officials to update the state on the potential impacts Hurricane Florence can have on SC. "We here in North Carolina are bracing for a hard hit", Cooper said Monday. Storm surge and hurricane watches may be issued Tuesday morning for portions of southeastern USA states, the NHC said.

Hurricane Florence Could Be East Coast's Strongest Storm In Decades

As data on the storm grows more and more ominous-it will likely be a Category 4 hurricane at least and at this point seems unlikely to blow out to sea-mandatory evacuation orders have already been issued, and Virginia, North Carolina, and SC have preemptively declared states of emergency , ahead of an anticipated landfall that won't occur until roughly Thursday night.

TROPICS: Helene, Florence to become hurricanes this weekend

However, the NHC says that swells generated by Florence are affecting Bermuda and are beginning to reach portions of the U.S. East Coast. "There is an increasing risk of two life-threatening impacts from Florence: storm surge from the coast and freshwater flooding from a prolonged heavy rainfall inland".

Tropical Storm Gordon threatens Gulf Coast, hurricane warning in place

Gordon has intensified with maximum sustained winds of 50 miles per hour and continues to have an improved structure on satellite and radar (see Fig. Hurricane center experts still expect it to move northwest before it comes anywhere near Florida as it travels around the western edge of an area of high pressure.

Kavanaugh Defends Judicial Record As Democrats Seek Answers On Hot-Button Issues

Kavanaugh said he would not have any trouble ruling against the president who nominated him to the high court , praising justices who had done so in the past. The BBC's Gary O'Donoghue, in Washington , says the investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation in the 2016 election has raised important constitutional questions about the extent to which an incumbent president can be forced to co-operate.

California looks to adopt Obama-style net neutrality rules

The bipartisan bill passed 61-18 and will now return to the Senate before being sent to Governor Jerry Brown to sign or veto. "So when Donald Trump's FCC made a decision to take a wrecking ball to net neutrality protections, we knew that California had to step in to ensure our residents have access to a free and open internet ".

Cat 5 cyclone aims for Big Island

Without a direct impact by the center - or near center - of the storm , the islands will still expect tropical storm conditions from the hurricane as it most likely passes south of the island chain. Public schools on the Big Island and in Maui County were closed Wednesday until further notice. Even if the centre of Lane doesn't make landfall, the islands could be walloped with rain and wind.

Teams heading out to help ailing Northwest orca

Scientists used a dart to administer antibiotics to an ailing three-year-old killer whale Thursday, U.S. officials reported. The female orca - known as J35 - has been clinging to her calf since it died on July 24, an image of grief that has struck an emotional chord worldwide.

Solar space mission probes secrets of sun's atmosphere

It's important to learn as much as possible about the sun and how it produces space weather because Earth is inside the atmosphere of the sun. But the Parker Solar Probe was built to do just that. The Parker Solar Probe has gained a lot of fame as humanity's first mission to finally unlock the secrets of the solar corona and find out why it's so much hotter than the actual surface of the sun.

NASA embarks on "dangerous" mission to the Sun

The mission is named for Dr Eugene Parker , a physicist at the University of Chicago who proposed the existence of solar wind . Running 24 hours late because of a last-minute countdown glitch Saturday, the trek began at 3:31 a.m. Parker watched the launch at Cape Canaveral and said it was his first time seeing a rocket blast off in person. NASA chief of the science mission directorate, Thomas Zurbuchen, said Parker is an "incredible hero of our scientific community".

NASA Assigns Crews to First Commercial Spacecraft Flights

NASA awarded contracts to Boeing and SpaceX in 2014 as part of its commercial crew program , aimed at helping private industry build spaceships to reach low-Earth orbit. Nicole Aunapu Mann will be making her first flight; she completed her astronaut training in 2015. The agency said more crew members will be announced later.

POTUS Proposes Car-Mileage Rollback; States Sue In Protest

President Donald Trump had directed the rethink of the mileage regulations, saying in March 2017, "If the standards threatened auto jobs, then common-sense changes" were needed. Trump's move concerns a deal originally struck between Obama and many leading automakers in 2011 that envisioned a series of gradual increases through 2025, when average fuel economy would rise to 54.5 miles per gallon (4.3 litres per 100 kilometres).

Lunar Eclipse 2018: Timings In India, FAQs On Blood Moon, Chandra Grahan

The Moon is called Blood Moon since Moon takes a reddish hue. The best conditions to view the spectacle will be in southern Italy, the Balkans and eastern Europe. "It's a co-incidence, basically", astronomer Dr Grant Christie said. In addition, the Earth is closer to the Sun during the northern hemisphere summer so its shadow is larger than average, he said.

Heat Wave Scorches Maryland, Brings Advisories

A heat wave is making for dangerously hot temperatures and thick humidity in Maryland, and the sweltering weather is expected to stick around through at least the Fourth of July. Wednesday and Thursday will come down slightly to 92 degrees, with a chance of showers and thunderstorms both days. The unsafe heat and humidity can also affect people who are accustomed to working in the heat .

Trump says he is considering two women for Supreme Court

Trump's interviews may begin as early as this weekend in New Jersey. Of course, overturning Roe v. Wade will do nothing to end abortion , it will only make it less safe for expectant parents who want the procedure and harder to regulate.

Horgan says takeover of Trans Mountain does not reduce risk of spill

The spill comes less than a week before the company's self-imposed deadline to make a final decision on the Trans Mountain expansion. Almost 10,000 barrels of oil are released. "Although the federal government's commitment is a step forward, this project was always economically viable for private-sector investment based on the long-term returns it would have for Canada".