How to download iOS 10

The latest smartphone OS data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows year-on-year sales growth for iOS in the three months ending July 2016 in most regions, including the US, EU5, and Australia. "There's a hurdle to have to install a smartphone app so that I can pay my buddy and all the inputting and set up". The spyware Pegasus has the ability to jailbreak Apple devices via this link sent as text message.

NASA spacecraft beams back close-up views of Jupiter's poles

NASA also released an image of Jupiter's southern aurora, a unique view that could be captured only by a spacecraft close to Jupiter. The pictures and data were collected august 27, when Juno made the first of some three dozen scheduled close encounters with Jupiter .

Novel antibody shows hope for Alzheimer's patients

When injected into Alzheimer's patients, one or two in every thousand of the antibodies enter the brain where they latch on to wayward amyloid-beta proteins. They also want members of the community to learn more about the condition. The people taking aducanumab showed a sharp decrease in the amount of amyloid beta in their brains.

PoK is under illegal occupation of Pakistan: Vikas Swarup

Pakistan has once again urged the United Nations to send a fact finding mission to the Indian-held Kashmir to investigate the blatant human rights violations. That is the real issue. About US Secretary of State John Kerry's statements in New Delhi, he said if he had been in Pakistan, his statements would have been different.

Trump Surrogate Apologizes For Tweet With Cartoon Of Clinton In Blackface

The original tweet, which no longer appears on his timeline, included a meme of Clinton in blackface with a T-shirt that says "No hot sauce no peace!" "When you do that", Clyburn said , "you do not erase the impact that that still has on individuals".

Their Masters' Voices: Dogs Understand Tone And Meaning Of Words

Interestingly, while these processes are distinct, the team found that praise only activates the canine brain's reward centre if it is spoken in a praising way. So when you think they're not listening to you, it's probably just because they don't want to. "In fact, a significant amount of behavioral and neurobiological research is supporting what so many dog people already 'knew'".

PlayStation Now Hits PCs

People can download the app from the official website. The service allows gamers to access over 400 PlayStation 3 games via Internet streaming for a subscription fee. Following its launch for PC last week in the UK, Sony's PlayStation Now game-streaming service is now available on Windows computers in North America.

Unusual signal from space might just be aliens

The observation is being made public now, but was actually detected previous year by the RATAN-600 radio telescope in Zelenchukskaya, Russia, he said. But if the signal were sent from alien life in the HD 164595 system, what would that mean? As of this writing, they have not yet detected any signal .

Can you hear me now? 'Strong signal' from star sparks alien speculation

Astronomers have recently detected a mysterious signal from a star system . A couple of scenarios are being tossed around; one suggests a Kardashev Type II civilization capable of sending out the signal out in all directions using enormous power generated by something along the lines of a Dyson sphere .

Over 1/3 of Voters Would Consider Third-Party Candidate

I feel like my friend's "We all must vote Democrat or else" message is helping Hillary Clinton and the powers-that-be to oppress me and stifle my voice. Still, given deep dislike for both Clinton and Trump, it would be no surprise if the three totaled more votes than in any election in 20 years. Third parties do not often win elections.

White House Says Obama Will Donate to Kayla Mueller Charity

The journalist reported that " Kayla had been kidnapped in Syria from a Doctors Without Borders vehicle". Mr. Earnest said of the Muellers, "I think the pain and grief that continues to be experienced to this day by Kayla's parents is entirely understandable".

Ford Motors issues safety recall on over 88000 vehicles

No injuries have been associated with this issue, Ford said. Owners of the recalled vehicles should be taking them to dealers for repairs. More than 88,000 cars across two different recalls are at risk of having faulty engines that are prone to stalling, while another recall is related to power window issues.

Denied a vehicle, man carries dead wife's body on shoulders

By the time an ambulance arrived, courtesy of local youths who alerted officials, Mr Majhi had walked over seven miles towards his home in Melghar village. Majhi then wrapped the body of his wife in a piece of cloth and carried it for almost 10-12 km towards his village, which was 60 km away from the hospital.

Coffee Drinking Habits May be Written in DNA

The findings suggest the gene reduces the ability of the body's cells to breakdown caffeine , causing it to stay in the body for longer. Researchers reported that it's because people tend to drink smaller cups, such as espresso, in Italy, meanwhile in the Netherlands most prefer larger cups that contain more caffeine overall.

A road into Yellowstone not likely to reopen

Low humidity and gusting winds caused the rapid spread Monday of another fire in northwestern Montana near Lakeside. MaryEllen Fitzgerald of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest said Tuesday the fire near the Utah-Idaho state line is within one-fourth of a mile of the Beaver Mountain Ski Resort, which is on pre-evacuation notice.

Jackpot: Scientists find Earth-like planet at star next door

And relative to the location of other habitable zone exoplanets that we know about, it is close. In the scheme of our universe, 4.25 light-years is not very far , but with our current space travel technologies, it would still take thousands of years for a human expedition to get there.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debuts in Taiwan

Not wanting to miss out on a trick, Samsung looks set to launch its own refurbished smartphone program. Digicel Fiji congratulates Samsung on its latest worldwide unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 . The new updates includes a new feature that was only recently announced during the Galaxy Note 7 unveiling. The Blue Coral and Silver Galaxy Note 7 are proving to be extremely popular and the source claims Samsung was shocked by the demand for the two color options and the ...

Louisiana governor: Donald Trump's visit 'helpful'

This time it is a much different scenario. While some argue that the Obamas are enjoying a well-deserved vacation, others say that the president's response to Louisiana's crisis is telling. As the American Red Cross pours in resources for disaster relief in Louisiana, volunteers at the Philadelphia chapter are lending their ears to help those in need.

Global smartphone sales grew 4.3% in second quarter: Gartner

Meanwhile, Gartner announced, all maturing areas except Latin America witnessed growth in goods sales which resulted in rise in sales of mobile phones by 9.9%. Five of the world's top 10 phone vendors - Huawei , Oppo, Xiaomi, BBK Communication Equipment , and Samsung - enjoyed increased sales. They surged higher in Eurasia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Europe, rising more than 95 percent YoY, however.

Night Tube begins in London as police reassure passengers on safety

Friday and Saturday night services on the London Underground, popularly known as the Tube, will begin on two lines: the 74-kilometre, east-west Central Line; and the 21-kilometre Victoria Line , which snakes through central London from Brixton in the south-west to Walthamstow in the north-east.