Blizzard's Big Franchises Are Celebrating Diablo's 20th Anniversary

As one of the longest lasting franchises in Blizzard Entertainment's collection, it's only fitting that the developer celebrates such a milestone with an exciting anniversary event. Our Game of the Year, Overwatch , will be getting a range of new sprays that represent each of the Diablo classes, as well as an exclusive player icon modelled after the Lord of Terror himself.

Cavs-Warriors rematch no regular game

So is virtually every basketball fan alive, as this game has been circled on everyone's calendars since the schedule came out in August. Perhaps the biggest play of the Finals was a chase-down block by James on Andre Iguodala in Game 7 , a play that completely changed the momentum down the stretch in an incredibly tight decisive contest.

Super Mario Run Reaches 40 Million Downloads in 4 Days

Nintendo finally shared the official download figures for its first mobile title ever, Super Mario Run . "In addition, Super Mario Run ranks first in the App Store free game ranking in 140 countries and regions..." " Super Mario Run " is free to download , but it will only give a player access to the first three levels of the game .

Alec Baldwin Reveals How Much 'SNL' Pays Him to Play Donald Trump

Saturday Night Live returns January 14 at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC . The actor also dished on his main secret to the ideal Trump: acting like a man who is constantly in search of something better to say. Trump and Baldwin have been feuding for the past few weeks, especially in the heat of the election. Nevertheless, Baldwin said he thinks Trump's reaction to his performance is "funny", and commented", "Whoever it is, wouldn't it be great to be the person who pulls the sword out of the ...

Instagram now has stickers and 'hands-free' video

In addition to the regular set of stickers , Instagram has also released a holiday pack and has hinted that there will be more themed stickers in the future. The option to add text has been available on the chat service but the freedom was limited which is no longer the case. The video feature isn't fully "hands-free".

Elon Musk Appointed as Advisor to Trump

Of course, Musk's Twitter followers had some fun with his puns. Elon Musk is going to dig traffic tunnels, so you and all of the other angry people sitting in traffic don't have to. Elon Musk's huge and varied successes with finance, electric cars, space transportation, levitating trains and solar roofs have put him in a unusual position; no one knows whether his Twitter musings are a joke or the foundations of a major new company.

Man captures video of killer whales eating shark

There were two females and two calves, and the crew could tell they were eating something. "Little is known about the elusive Offshore orcas, as they live far from land ― mainly over the outer continental shelf ― and are rarely encountered." Taylor added that the shark attacked by killer whales was probably a sevengill shark .

Peace Treaty, Kurils, Syria: Second Day of Putin's Breakthrough Visit to Japan

The talks will move to Tokyo on Friday. Putin told the Japanese journalists that it's hard for him to say how big the chance is "because it depends on factors including the flexibility of our partners", according to an interview transcript published by the Kremlin on Tuesday.

Bill Gates and top investors launch $1 billion clean energy fund

A string of millionaire entrepreneurs and business captains are joining Gates, including Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos, PayPal and LinkedIn founder-turned VC Reid Hoffman, Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla , Alibaba Group chief Jack Ma and the co-founder of SAP, Hasso Plattner.

SpaceX customer switches a satellite launch order to European competitor

The London-based satellite-services company said it took the action after delays in the launch schedule for. Meanwhile, Teslarati reported that ULA (United Launch Alliance) is emerging despite the not so good history with SpaceX . The oxygen likely froze solid and caused a high-pressure helium tank to burst, blowing the upper stage apart nearly instantly, and leading the rest of the rocket to collapse in a fireball.

Toyota Confirms a Second-Generation 86 Is In the Works

Small changes make greater whole for Toyota's first 86 change in four years. Toyota will have at least one sports vehicle in its lineup for the foreseeable future. It was questionable if Toyota would bring the 86 back for another rendition. Right now, he revealed, the second-generation "is at the stage where it's been decided on".

Facebook's 2016 Year in Review reveals SA's top moments

It's at this time of the year when people will start to ask, "How to do the year in review 2016 on Facebook", although we would just like to say that please be careful. "This year, after 60 years, the epic victory for the Western Bulldogs becoming champions had people posting, liking and sharing the intense experience after such a long wait".

Microsoft aiming for Project Scorpio to have a "console price-point"

In-Store: Save $120 on select Xbox One consoles (500GB). The Xbox Scorpio, on the other hand, is over twice as powerful compared to the One S and thanks to this the console will ultimately support 4K gaming with native rendering along with HDR.

General Mills Announces Global Restructuring, Will Cut 400-600 Jobs

The jobs cuts follow a previous round of job cuts revealed in June this year, as General Mills looks to adapt its business to consumers demanding healthier products. The company has announced or proposed plant closings in Missouri, Illinois, New Jersey, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, China and other locations.

Apple blames external damage for flaming China iPhones

In a statement on Tuesday, an Apple spokeswoman stated that the units that they've examined so far have obviously shown that external physical damage occurred to them which led to the thermal event. Apple's sharp rise in smartphone market share during the period bodes well for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus prospects. Moreover, the original message of Apple company noted that there were only small numbers of iPhone 6s smartphones which were made in September and October of 2015 have ...

Trump To Name Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt To Head EPA

Pruitt has been a fierce critic of the EPA, and has been tied to the oil and gas industry, which could align with Trump's signaling an interest in loosening energy regulations , CNBC reported. Pruitt was elected attorney general in 2010 and reelected in 2014 without opposition. Inhofe called the AG a "leader and a partner on environmental issues" who - by suing the EPA - "has proven that being a good steward of the environment does not mean burdening tax payers and businesses with red ...

Broncos claim Justin Forsett off waivers, setting up reunion with Gary Kubiak

Forsett (5-8, 195 pounds) is a ninth-year player who has appeared in 118 regular-season games (34 starts) with Indianapolis (2008), Seattle (2008-11), Houston (2012), Jacksonville (2013), Baltimore (2014-16) and Detroit (2016). Now's probably a good time to remind Broncos fans that running back C.J. Anderson should be able to return for the postseason. Denver Broncos running back Devontae Booker , left, celebrates his 6-yard touchdown run against the Jacksonville Jaguars with teammate ...

Omokri Calls Soyinka Chief Poke Noser Over Planned Private Funeral For Nigerians

Prof. Soyinka last week in Johannesburg, South Africa, announced that he had dumped his green card in fulfilment of his pledge to do so should Donald Trump win the USA presidential election. "I threw away the card and I have relocated, and I'm back to where I have always been", reportedly meaning Nigeria. Soyinka also explained why he destroyed his United States Green Card.

The periodic table officially names its four newest members

After verifying their discovery last December, the IUPAC suggested names for these four elements in June, pending a five-month review period for public comment. Formerly known as UUO/118, this element was named after Dr. Yuri Oganessian , the famous Russian nuclear physicist who discovered it. Elements 115, 117 and 118 were previously designated the names ununpentium, ununseptium and ununoctium, with the respective symbols Uup, Uus and Uuo.

Trump says he's leaving businesses to avoid conflicts

Trump said on Wednesday he is not required by law to alter his relationship with his business, but added: "I feel it is visually important , as president , to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses". Whether it's his tweets or his travels or the daily reality show of his decision-making process, the public can't look away. Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs banker, also signaled a desire to remove US mortgage-finance companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from ...