Emoluments Much? Trump's Mar-a-Lago Doubles Membership Fee

Donald Trump's exclusive Palm Beach resort doubled its initiation fee to $200,000 following the presidential election. Whether Mar-a-Lago membership is really worth twice as much as it was three weeks ago remains to be seen. On top of the initiation fee, members pay $14,000 a year in dues and have to spend at least $2,000 a year on food. The resort itself is 20 acres of land, with a 20,000-square-foot ballroom, beach club, large pool area, tennis courts, and restaurants.

Google I/O 2017 date and location announced

The official I/O website has also gone live. Google sent out a tweet today that led developers on a scavenger hunt that revealed clues about the date and location for the 2017 Google I/O developer event. The company has also created an I/O website, but now, it just displays an I/O icon and says: "Check back soon for more details". Search engine giant Google on Tuesday announced the 2017 edition of the company's prestigious annual developers' conclave - Google I/O .

SEC Preparing Probe into Yahoo Over Hacks

Specifically, it has emerged that Mayer knew about the 2014 breach as early as July of last year-well before the company publicly disclosed it in September. Both times Yahoo said the hacker acquired the usernames, dates of birth, passwords, backup email address, countries of origin and ZIP codes of users, but no financial information.

Tax filing season begins today

There are tremendous benefits and conveniences to this, of course, but there are also some downsides - such as the increased risk of identity theft that arises as we share more of our personal information online. The IRS will begin releasing EITC and ACTC refunds on February 15, but is warning taxpayers the refund probably won't start arriving in their bank accounts or on their debit cards until the week of February 27.

'Hi-def from the heavens': New weather satellite sends first photos

GOES-16 observes Earth from an equatorial view approximately 22,300 miles high, creating full disk images like these, extending from the coast of West Africa, to Guam, and everything in between. Along with the Advanced Baseline Imager, the new series of GOES weather satellites host lightning detectors and sensors to monitor solar activity and space weather.

Apple and Amazon agree to end exclusive audiobook deal

Following scrutiny from European regulators, Apple will no longer exclusively distribute Audible audiobooks according to Reuters . The two companies had an exclusivity agreement whereby Apple could only source audiobooks from Amazon's Audible business and Audible could not supply other music digital platforms with the content besides Apple's iTunes store.

Respect our territorial sovereignty, India tells China

He also added that both the countries should be sensitive on matters relating to sovereignty. About the China blocking India's efforts to get Azhar banned by the United Nations for his alleged involvement in the Pathankot terror attack, she said, "the technical hold is to uphold the effectiveness of the committee and show some respect to the rules of procedure of the committee".

81 whales die after becoming stranded in Florida Everglades

False killer whales are a type of dolphin and closely resemble killer whales, but only grow to about 17 feet. False killer whales belong to the dolphin family and get their name due to their resemblance to orcas. Seventy-two were found dead and 10 were euthanized by veterinarians on the scene after being found in poor condition. "Once on the scene, the response team attempted to herd some of the free-swimming live whales into deeper water, however, they were ultimately unsuccessful with ...

Trump comments hit shares in German vehicle makers

Mr Gabriel also added that the high border tariff will hurt America's economy if imposed. He also suggested the United States should instead focus on building better, more sought after cars. Ford's CEO Mark Fields called this move as a step towards building positive USA business environment, a vote of confidence in the Trump era. Trump has, time and again, called out a number of manufacturers with existing and upcoming operations outside of the country.

Japan's bid to launch world's smallest satellite-carrying rocket fails

But Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency authorities declared on Sunday that the mission failed. But officials aborted the mission within minutes of takeoff after the space agency stopped receiving data from the rocket after the launch. "The cause of the failure is not known at all yet", Shinya Matsuura, an expert on JAXA, told The Japan Times . The SS-520-4 experiment comes as several companies develop commercially-owned rockets sized to serve the small satellite launch market.

Jallikattu held in Tamil Nadu despite Supreme Court ban

The court held that bulls can not be used as performing animals either for Jallikattu or for bullock cart races anywhere in the country. He also lashed out at Tamils, who are ignorant about their own culture and saying that people torture bulls in Jallikattu.

Falcons star receiver Julio Jones not looking for 'revenge' against Richard Sherman

Still, this was the first of two late-game penalties that didn't get called against Jones in back-to-back weeks . Atlanta sat idle last week, while Seattle dominated the No. The Falcons led the National Football League in scoring while winning the NFC South, but a loss in their playoff opener would lead some critics to conclude they were just another regular-season fad that was not built for the postseason.

Jim Furyk confident US Ryder Cup captaincy will not affect his game

Since making his debut in 1997, Furyk qualified for nine straight Ryder Cups until being forced into the role as part of Love's support team previous year. It's exciting, and it's a new day and age for the U.S. Ryder Cup team. The European team has named Thomas Bjorn (byorn) as captain. "He's something I look forward to sharing this process against".

Polar Bears Are Now Facing Another Threat to Their Survival

As part of last year's historic Paris climate agreement, almost 200 countries pledged to reduce carbon emissions in an effort to keep global temperatures from reaching 2 degrees Celsius above what they were in pre-industrial times. However, according to studies , the future of polar bears is actually bright as their population steadily grows. The image has become a symbol of climate change's devastating effect on Arctic wildlife populations, and as the USA government confirmed Monday , ...

Chevy Bolt 2017 Named Car of the Year at Detroit Auto Show

Marchionne said his company's decision, announced Sunday, to invest $1 billion in two US auto plants and create 2,000 jobs to build new Jeep vehicles was in the works for a while and wasn't influenced by Trump. The expansion will create 2,000 new jobs. General Motors picked up the crown jewel in the trifecta of trophies Monday for its new long-range electric auto, the Chevrolet Bolt .

Mysterious radio signal traced to dwarf galaxy 3 billion light-years away

She spoke in Grapevine, Texas, at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society . "We now know that this particular burst comes from a dwarf galaxy more than three billion light-years from Earth", said Shami Chatterjee , of Cornell University, in a press release .

Dylann Roof to jurors: 'I do not regret what I did'

As the jury selection process began previous year, Roof said he wanted to fire his legal team and represent himself, ultimately keeping his lawyers for the trial phase but ditching them when it came time for sentencing. Federal prosecutors showed the jury Wednesday portions of a journal Roof allegedly kept while he's been in jail. Six weeks after Roof's arrest, jailers found a handwritten note in his cell expressing white supremacist views, Williams said.

Arizona twin brothers born minutes apart but in different years

Allan Sawyer said. Ruble went on to say Everett is a true New Year's baby, meaning his mother Holly was not induced, did not have a C-section and was at full term. Everett Jackson Shay weighed 4 pounds 8 ounces. Although they're twins, the two babies will be celebrating different birthdays in the future. They are neither identical.

Honda to recall 650000 Odyssey minivans

But Honda Canada said it won't mail initial recall notices to Odyssey owners until mid-February, with a second letter to be sent when parts become available. The process will involve a fix that will attach a new bracket and spring to the second-row seats. A similar US recall announced on Thursday covering 633,753 Odyssey minivans is expected to begin on Jan 23.

Will Last A Second Longer, a Leap Second Added

These protocols are not created to deal with the instant addition of an extra second which leads to crash. The extra second is added in order to compensate for a slowdown in the Earth's rotation, experts say. Trouble arises because Earth's rotation is irregular, sometimes speeding up and sometimes slowing down. Everyone is well aware that 2016 has been a awful, horrible, no good, very bad year, and luckily there are only two days left before 2017 takes over.