Google Arts & Culture app is comparing selfies to work of art

By taking a selfie in-app, Arts & Culture searches its database to find a portrait who best matches your own face. After downloading the app, you'll have to scroll down to the section that reads "Is your portrait in a museum?" The feature is now not available in all countries.

HTC Launches Viveport VR

This device is the premium experience missing from the VR market today - up to the next level in every way. We would have thought the higher resolution display would call for a new lens design. in 2018 (a more than 25 percent increase from 2017). The headset itself looks far less clunky than the original, and HTC has added a blue color to the key elements and the front display.

Teen learns mother, brother and sister killed in quadruple murder

She says she last spoke with her sister last week. The family was found dead inside the basement apartment where they lived. Police in Troy have also appealed to the public to come forward with any information about the murders of the Myers and Mells, noting time is of the essence and that they will not stop until whoever is responsible is caught.

Wind chill advisory issued

The National Weather Services warned that the low wind chills could bring frost bite or hypothermia if precautions aren't taken. If you have to be outside, wear plenty of warm clothing. Wind chill advisories are also in effect for parts of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and NY. Add a wind chill, and it will feel like the single digits.

China's Didi said to be worth $56B after raising more cash

Didi says it will invest the fresh injection of capital into boosting its artificial intelligence capacity, overseas expansion and new-energy vehicle service networks. The deal came after the People's Bank of China, the nation's central bank, said previous year that it would control the number of third-party payment licenses issued, making them highly sought-after.

This Could Be Vivo's In Display Fingerprint Sensor Equipped Smartphone

OnePlus , which is also run by the same owner, is said to have customised Oppo's technology and brought Dash Charge that is touted to be faster than what on the LG V30, iPhone X , and Google Pixel 2. That accolade goes to Vivo as has been confirmed by Patrick Moorhead over at Forbes who got to play with a pre-production unit from Vivo fitted with the Synaptics Clear ID sensor.

PUBG On Xbox One Weighs Only 5GB

Xbox's Major Nelson posted the following: To prepare you for your jump onto the island, we wanted to share the exact times the game will be available on Xbox One across the world. Microsoft requires that games releasing into this program have a one-hour free trial period for players to test out it, but it appears that PUBG has circumvented these rules, and it's no accident that a free trial is unavailable right now.

Microsoft releases Quantum Development Kit along with the Q# programming language

Quantum computing making its way out of the labs and into general use might be some way off, but any developers who want to prepare for that time can do so with Microsoft's Quantum Development Kit . For example, numerous current breakthroughs in AI are based in part on machine learning, in which a system is given a set of data and learns from that data to recognize things like words, sounds or objects.

Sir Daniel is returning to PlayStation 4 with MediEvil in 2018

The book is wonderful - it contains such a wealth of information on PlayStation, it's games and basically everything you ever wanted to know! Both The Last Guardian And the Wipeout Omega collection are coming to the PS VR. There was also brief looks at other new PlayStation VR titles, such as Rainbow Six-esque Firewall: Zero Hour and Jupiter & Mars - which, since it involves dolphins, is going to have everyone making comparisons to Ecco The Dolphin.

Amazon rolls out its streaming music service in 28 new countries

Yes, the app will fetch the data from YouTube and this is how you will be able to stream out your favourite music videos from this new platform by YouTube . Merlin, for instance, which gathers together more independent labels, is also among the negotiators. Vevo, owned by Universal and Sony, distributes music videos for their acts.

Amazon Video (Finally!) Comes to Apple TV

Most notably, though, the tvOS app is now available on Apple TVs from the third generation and later. Though plenty of other video service have been available on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video has been missing until today. Though Amazon and Apple now appear to be playing nice, it's worth pointing out that Amazon stopped selling the Apple TV in its store back in 2015, precisely due to disagreements over Amazon's iOS app.

Bungie Releases Details on the Upcoming Updates for Destiny 2

Reported by Polygon , developer Bungie took Destiny 2 down for a few hours late Tuesday morning and into the early afternoon, but as of 1:00 p.m. Bungie are also increasing the level cap as well as new Raid experiences called Raid Lairs - these are supposed to be more intense and hard raids that exist "in and around" current Raids in the game.

Mega Man 11 is coming to PC and consoles in 2018

Rather than sticking to the usual flat and pixelated 2D look, Mega Man 11 will add 3D visual elements to the side-scrolling game. Mega Man fans have been waiting for a new game in the franchise for years. What platforms will Mega Man 11 be available for? It was no wonder that people really noticed the absence of Mega Man in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and its Ultimate version.

Essential's CEO Andy Rubin takes leave following report of past misbehavior

Rubin had while at Google was consensual", Mike Sitrick told the Information , which first reported the allegation. But according to The Information , an investigation into an "inappropriate relationship" Rubin had with a woman junior to him was the catalyst for him leaving the company.

Klemens Schillinger's Substitute Phone aims to help overcome smartphone addiction

The item is not exactly a phone and has the same goal as fidget spinners and cubes-keeping the hands occupied, except that it is created to look and feel like a smartphone. That's when you need one of Klemens Schillinger's " Substitute Phones ". That's a pretty ambitious task, given that we'd expect anyone who's dropped say £999 on the new iPhone X to want to get their money's worth by near-constantly using it, rather than stroke a few pebbles.

Amazon tool lets anyone create AR, VR experience

According to Amazon, the VR and AR apps created in Amazon Sumerian will run in any browser that supports WebGL or WebVR graphics rendering. It features a user friendly editor , which can be used to drag and drop 3D objects and characters into scenes.

New Pixel Launcher update brings newer features to first generation Pixel smartphones

Pixel users can check this feature by navigating through the smartphone's "Battery" option under settings and tapping on the personalised battery settings. Michelle inserts that it informs you both, the percent of battery present and how many hours the mobile phone will provide you service. "Smart battery" is created to give users better estimates on what to expect from their battery through the day, Google said.

Morrissey defends Kevin Spacey & more controversial things in new interview

Of course, there are extreme cases, every physical attack is repulsive. Addressing Kevin Spacey's headlines specifically, the 58-year-old former frontman of The Smiths called it "laughable" that Spacey was cut from All The Money in the World for Christopher Plummer.

Stretch Your Dollar: Early Black Friday deals happening now

Target recently revealed all its deals for the yearly event-which actually starts on Thursday at 6 PM in most states-and if you're in the market to upgrade your television or smart home, you're in luck. Below, you'll find a list of Black Friday deals in TVs, movies, and tech that we think might be up your alley. Black Friday 2017 TV deals , especially deals on 4K TVs, are the focus of Black Friday 2017 ads.